Greece help needed: Athens, Naxos, Santorini

Next weekend! Do you like Lokal? That was my son in laws initial suggestion for our first eve. No turkish with them because they are heading off to turkey the following week

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You know, I don’t remember now. I know it was the darling place for modern German food for a while, but nothing on their menu ever… grabbed me?

Trio on the same street is supposed to be good as well, and then there’s alway Renger-Patzsch in Schöneberg for Southern/Alsatian-inflected German food. Depends on what kind of German food you want.

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A picture from Ergon Bakehouse breakfast below. Two of the days I only ordered bread and butter because it was SO good. Then gave in to temptation and got the pain Suisse, basically filled with chocolate cream. I’m sad we didn’t get a picture of LLD’s ham, cheese, and egg sandwich, because it was quite a thing to behold. Well situated hotel with nice, clean rooms, short walk to Monastiraki Square, tons of restaurants nearby, about 15 minutes walk to the Acropolis.