Greece help needed: Athens, Naxos, Santorini

The view from Fira over the caldera.

If the link to the video works…



Gorgeous. We supposedly have our own little balcony/patio area with a view over the caldera. Excited about that.

So we have booked all 3 dinners in Athens - the 68 place, Linou Soumpasis k sia (can’t find a menu, but the reviews I read made me want to go), and GB roof garden. This last is iffy - it’s late on our first night, but has an amazing view and isn’t far from us. Just not sure I’ll want to stay up that late for a view. Lulu is excited about it though, and this trip is her graduation present, so it might stick.

No breakfasts needed in Athens. Our hotel is located over (and associated with) a bakery, and I guess we get fresh baked goods each morning. Incredible if true.

Again, thanks everyone! Very grateful for all the help.


The Grand Britannia is an absolutely beautiful hotel from the outside. I wish I had visited inside. I think it’s worth staying up late to do a rooftop dinner.

I had dinner at a rooftop with relatives in 1996. I don’t remember where it was now. It was an impressive view.

Enjoy your trip.


Thanks Phoenikia. That helps me feel stronger about this reservation. I’m sure Lulu will especially thank you!


It’s almost magical, at least for me.

I also have a memory of swimming in a rooftop pool, same trip.

That was my university graduation trip. My parents, my aunt and I visited Greece (Athens, the Classical Tour which is a tourist bus loop that visits Delphi, Napflion, Olympia, Kalamata, Meteora, a few days in Lesvos, a day cruise to Poros and Aegina.) , Turkey (Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia) , Austria (Vienna, Salzburg ) and Germany (Munich, Nurnberg ,Neubrandenberg, Berlin) that summer. :slight_smile:

I had hoped to visit Greece in the summer of 2020, but obviously that didn’t happen. I was lucky to visit in 1979, 1996, 2004 (arriving the week before the Olympics began) and 2007.