Greater Toronto Area, Bang for the Buck restaurants, 2024 edition

Souvlaki Place pork souvlaki in a pita. $12

Hot Pork breakfast sandwich $12 plus $2 Hollandaise upgrade.


I know that my local Greek greasy spoon was having trouble finding good short order cooks.

For whatever reason, good home fries and hash browns are rare in downtown and midtown Toronto and LondonOn greasy spoons. The chance of better home fries might be better in Scarborough where there are more Greeks, and more Greek greasy spoons still in business. I’m not sure.

I used to meet up with a friend for Greek greasy spoon breakfasts around town. Motorama (RIP), Detroit Eatery (RIP), Rosemary and Thyme, Steve’s, Times Square Diner, The Patrician, etc. The home fries were usually not that great, and they were worse at chain breakfast joints.

I don’t see that friend very often now, and I haven’t been to a Greek greasy spoon in a while.

Our Spot closed its Kensington Market location, and Leaf Doner took its place. There is still an Our Spot operating in East York.

It looks like Donlands Diner is probably a good bet, but I haven’t visited yet.

My local Greek greasy spoon in London was sold in the past year, and now it’s run by Romanians instead of Greeks.

It’s been 4 years since my last visit to Kos on Bathurst or Avenue Diner on Davenport.

I have been meaning to try Ari’s Place on Roncesvalles.

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I haven’t had good home fries in a Toronto diner in some time. My preference, which some might consider heresy, is to have more than just the potatoes. A favourite version was at the long-gone Mimi’s on Bathurst had sweet onions and fresh herbs mixed in with the well-browned potato pieces.

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Onions and herbs added are not heresy in my books.


Some onions and green pepper added to home fries for this gal. Its possible it’s about having the space. You have to precook the add-on’s so they don’t burn and reintroduce to the pan once the potatoes are browning. None of this is difficult unless you have a small kitchen.


Frankie’s Diner on Queen West. Frankie’s Diner’s menu

Eggs Florentine with hash browns was $15.99ish

and the Eggs Benny with fried chicken and jalapeno were a little more. Very generous with the home fries.

Hit the spot. We got these breakfasts to go.

Union’s Eggs Montreal with trout are currently $28, and their Eggs with pulled pork are costing $28. Different type of restaurant, of course. Union’s back patio did not have room for walk-ins at 10, 10:15 am or 10:30 am.


After today’s late afternoon tea / early dinner experience, definitely " Wing Tai Hong Kong Style Cafe, Richmond Hill "…for both value and taste!!
We had:


$8.50 Cdn before tax for the Beginner burger, $10 Cdn before tax for the loaded St Paddy’s fries. Great value. Aloette to Go, Liberty Village.


Gotta admit. Those fries at Lick’s Kingston Rd in Scarborough were a thing of beauty. Good to see chef, unlike Lick’s, is sticking to his roots.


I have not been, but I’ve heard good things.


New offer at Le Baratin


I hope Bev Oda is chuckling.

The OJ at the former Westin Prince is a steal at $6, in 2024 dollars.

A $23 omelette at the Pan Pacific of Don Mills (non- Torontonians, this is a suburban hotel located a 20 to 30 minute drive from downtown) isn’t that bad, but she could have found a better $15 omelette at Windfields. :rofl:


You forgot Anthony Bourdain’s first rule: “Get the hell away from the hotel as quickly as possible.”

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Lol. The premium is worth the people watching, sometimes. :rofl:

Hainanese Chicken Rice at Soya Kitchen at 31 Baldwin in the Baldwin Village. $17.95 before tax. Nice little restaurant .

They serve Peking Duck, too.

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