Gordon Ramsey's Savoy Grill - The Strand, London

Yep. She’s at the Breslin at the Ace Hotel.

While the place is a certified hipster hangout, everything April does is delicious.


The lamb burger is to die for.

We further note the pudding recipe calls for suet, if available.

In the Yorkshire Pudding recipe…?

Definitely, in a Steak & Kidney Pudding but not heard of it in a Yorkshire Pudding recipe - beef dripping yes but not suet.

Would you consider “rendered beef fat” to not be suet?

In that case, I will substitute “rendered beef fat” for said suet.

I’ve always used the term “suet” for beef fat, and “lard” for pork fat, whether rendered or not.

I further did a quick search that says suet is a technical term for beef fat of particular origin, from around the kidneys, that contains a high proportion of renderable (melty) fat:


The definition of suet is strangely specific, so it must be special. I’m sure I’ve had it without knowing for sure, but it’s not possible to find in in my area, even from the British food store. Don’t know why, maybe import laws?

Strangely enough the article says suet goes mostly to birds.

My suspicion, however, is that it ends up in a whole range of processed foods to give them flavor.

There is really almost nothing from the slaughterhouse that goes unused.

I tend to think of them as three different products.

A rendered beef fat is more like a lard, a commercially purified product, used for frying.

Beef dripping is traditionally the fat and meat juices from a roast; although in commercial situations, like a fish and chip shop, the “dripping” they use is rendere beef fat.

Suet as you say is a specific fat from the beast and thus had certain characteristics. It’s harder than rendered fat and thus can be shredded, which made it good for making pastries and doughs. And I think it’s melting point helps form the unique characteristics of suet pastry.

In the old days you could buy fresh suet from butchers but these days it’s packaged. The fresh suet would work as a general fat for cooking but packaged suet had flour and preservative to keep its granular texture so wouldn’t work.