Good sources to buy live fishes in the Bay Area?

Black cod on the menu tonight. $9.95/lb, live in tank. From Stockton Street in SF.

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Oh, this topic reminded me of the little seafood/grocery store on Noriega (New Century Seafood Market). Saw thing bring in some smaller sized (around 2lbs or less I think) sea bass for $7.95 a pound. Don’t normally see them around and thought that was a good price. Didn’t buy any though since I wasn’t going home any time soon.

Sea bass or Chilean sea bass? That is pretty cool.

$7.95 a pound for sea bass? I’d be on that like a striper on a goby.

Not live, but scored five lbs of Rex Sole off the boat next to Scoma. $1.00 per lb!!!

Not likely true Rex, but will surely look good in the fry pan.

Boat to frying pan within an hour! The lovely fish are full of eggs. And yes, we will enjoy the roe as well.


Chilean Sea Bass is a deep water fish, weighing from 20-100 lbs, from South America and Antarctica.

And it ain’t even a real sea bass. Smart marketing from the folks at the Chilean Fish Advisory Board.

Chilean Sea Bass sounds much more palatable than Patagonian or Antarctic Toothfish.

The fishmonger told me (I think) that because of the fishing season (hasn’t started) so there aren’t any of the grouper type fishes. I was in Oakland last week and the choices were pretty limited.

The season I think just opened a week ago so hopefully there will be more choices soon.

More varieties after the CA fishing season opened:

Channel rock cod from Marina Cupertino 3 weeks ago.

Black rock cod from Marina Foster City last week.

@Google_Gourmet I couldn’t quite tell from your angle, was your black cod the same as black rock cod?

We got black cod, also known as sablefish. Made famous by Nobu as miso black cod. One of our favorite fish. Not black rock cod. And usually a buck or three less per lb.

The solo fish above the red channel rock cod might be a black cod (Sablefish). Delicious!!

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Nice relaxing drive to Half Moon Bay today. Traffic surprisingly light, due to long holiday weekend.

On Johnson Pier, boats were selling live rock cod and live ling cod. Mighty tempting.

Captain Morgan had on ice: red chilipepper, petrale sole and sand dabs. Chili peppers have a great firm meat, great for braiding or roasting and my Sand Dab Picatta works for me.

We passed the Lisa, as we were angling for C Morgan’s boat. We rarely buy non-live black cod. However, we had to make an exception this time. There was a gorgeous unblemished beauty, clear of eye, with a clean fresh sheen. $5 per lb!! I guessed 8lbs, as the fish went to scale. Final cost? $39. Haven’t lost my fishing eye. :wink:

Wife is breaking fish down now. She is VERY experienced. I keep hearing oohs and ahs about how absolutely fresh this black cod is.

Grabbed some miso paste and gonna attempt miso roasted black cod tonight, for the first time.


Great post! How much are they per pound? Where are the fishes, still in the boat storage compartment?

Live flounder at H-Mart on Friday. I think around $22/lb

The live fish are kept in large aerated bins onboard, on dock, or in dockside live wells. We were not in the market for live Ling, Rock cod or Croacker today, so we skipped over the live boats. From previous purchases, the live brown rock cod usually run about $8~10 per lb, the lings avg ~ $12 per lb. Not much cheaper than the 99’s and the Marina’s, but much more appealing finning in fresh seawater than in a supermarket ecosystem.

We also bought a frozen stiff 5lb salmon from the New Day boat. We have bought lots of frozen Spot and Coonstripe prawns from them. I think an albacore or two also. They had some frozen salmon at $10 per lb, and we bought some to try as poke and chirachi. What the heck, they are already flash frozen, damn the parasites. Not expecting super sashimi grade product, but we’ve bought stuff from them multiple times over the last few years, and trust their fish integrity.

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Where’s H-Mart at? Gotta check it out.

Flounder at $22/lb only worthwhile (to me) sashimi’d. My wife’s uncle in Texas is a sushi chef at a surprisingly good sushi restaurant. Been in business over 30 years, have earned its chops.

On a recent visit, we bought a live flounder at best I can recall a 99 Ranch in Dallas. We imposed on him to give us a demonstration/lesson/sashimi dinner and he obliged.

Presentation is home style, very comfortable. The “wings” were great!!!


H-Mart is next to De Anza/ 85 in W San Jose. They say they will clean and filet the flounder for you. I didn’t buy for a variety of reasons. And I don’t know how good their skills were.

H-Mart is next to De Anza/ 85 in W San Jose. They say they will clean and filet the flounder for you. I didn’t buy for a variety of reasons. And I don’t know how good their skills were.

Thanks. We live in SF, but shop at Marukai, Mitsuwa, Marina, etc… in the S bay at least once a week. We have markets closer to us, but for various reasons prefer to take the drive.

Have you been to K&C Food Wholesale? Primarily wholesale, will accommodate retail trade. A broad range of seafood at reasonable prices. Some really good stuff.

841 n13th st, San Jose.

Hamachi for sashimi is very well priced. Half the price at Nigya. What we save on our buy on Yellowtail almost covers gas.

The yield on a flounder is 35 ~ 38%. Under the knife of a journeyman, maybe less. At $22/lb in the round, that’s over $50/lb for fillets. Makes some sense the outrageous prices charged by top restaurants for Dover Sole.

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