Good Ramen in SF?

What Ramen places in San Francisco itself are good these days?

I don’t eat large amounts of ramen but some places that I’ve been to recently are:

Nojo Ramen Tavern (Hayes Valley) - Really good chicken ramen. My favorite on their menu so far is the chicken paitan soy sauce, which has a chicken leg in it. Thread

Mensho Tokyo (Tenderloin) - Good, long lines. Very rich broth in their tori paitan and spicy lamb bowls. Thread

Hinodeya Ramen Bar (Japantown) - Dashi based ramen, lighter dashi based broth. Good noodles. Thread

Good but not as good as above IMHO:
Iza Ramen (locations in Lower Haight and SoMa) - I liked their tsukemen. Their regular tonkotsu ramen was fine but nothing special. Thread

Waraku (Japantown) - Their tonkotsu ramen deluxe is a very substantial bowl with a lot of toppings. Broth was a little one note though and I don’t remember the noodles being very springy.

I’ve heard many good things about Marafuku in Japantown, but I haven’t yet braved the line there.

When is Ippudo SF opening its doors?