GOOD EATS NYC 2024 (A Blanket Thread)

Insta darling really? I had no idea.

Love Milano :yum:


I definitely prefer United to Mr Pickle.

Pickle Guys or gtfo. I’ve never had United, though. Maybe they’re good, too.

Pickle guys are ok. Definitely better than Guss’ these days. United manufactures and packs for most of the famous pickle brands and restaurants in the area. There’s no comparison in the style and scale of the operations between the process and scale of the Pickle Guys and these commercial co-packers.

I’m right near them. And they were nice enough to give me a half pint of pickling spice when I was getting started on making my own. They’re also a lot better than ok!

I’m glad you like them. I definitely miss the barrels up and down essex street.

The barrels are still there! They’re just inside, now.

You should write a feature and submit it to your favorite local rag.

Michael’s on Ave R. I went with three friends, all packing a serious appetite for red sauce. It’s a classy joint! There’s a pianist, on a loft above the bar.

The martini could also serve as a soaking tub.

This just appeared on the table, as if by magic.

And then the serious food began. Mozz in carozza, baked clams, tricolor salad (for health!).

And the star of the show, linguine fra diavolo, the reason I was there.

Plus shrimp, arugula and crab, a special.

Did we want dessert? I really did not! Did I eat it anyway? Three guesses.

A pretty epic meal. Everything was spot on, exactly as it should be.


Last time we were there, which is a long time ago, we had almost the exact same meal except for the salad of course.

We are ladies, so we pretend to eat virtuously.


Forgot the eggplant! Can’t forget the eggplant.


love this place

I wish it was / I’m glad it’s not closer to my house.

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We’ve been going for many, many years. The past year or two have been consistently good, which I partly attribute to them converting their previously overly busy special events room to a retail sauce making operation, giving their kitchen the ability to prioritize feeding the (big) room of diners. They also, all too often, have a “Little Italy” mentality when it comes to upselling things, especially wine. But, overall, since we have friends in that immediate area, we go and enjoy. And, yes, the bar area is a hoot with the elevated pianist.

Better than Parkside / not as good as Parkside?

I like going to Park Side better but Michael’s is pretty similar in food level these days, although a bit more expensive. I grew up in that part of Bklyn and always felt that places like Michael’s were meant to simulate “upscale dining” with starched tablecloths & exaggerated presentation, but with only supermarket ingredients & kitchen expertise. Michael’s has gotten much better in content so its really my ingrained bias.

I can’t say one bad thing about it. We were treated really well, and no up-selling at all, probably because we ordered a lot of food. It isn’t cheap, but nothing is, anymore. I’ve grown inured to $50 seafood pasta, and it is enough to share between four people.

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That is the proper serving size for a martini.

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