GOOD EATS NYC 2023 (A Blanket Thread)

I think we were talking about going to the Manhattan Ubani - I still havent been but the Chama Mama on 14th Street was quite good when i took a group in the fall. Think I reported here, the filled breads (meat and bean) among other things were particurly good. The app combo that included phkali, interesting cheeses, etc was super too but the portions on it were miniscule and hardly approprite for sharing with a group.

PS Disappointed about Chito Givrito, it seemed to have more of a menu than some of the others which focus mainly on bready things and apps, I think the reference to beet “tartare” tho was ridiculous.

It was plated like steak tartare, is probably why it’s called that. The beets were cooked, though.

I thought McCabe’s was great, and they avoids the huge strips that serving “pulled pork” creates this time. The hash and rice was particularly good, and they had turnip greens, which are so much bette than collards. I haven’t been back to Shuler’s since we quit driving to Florida (which involves extra time away from our grandchildren duties).
There are reliable reports of slippage at Skylight, but my experience has been excellent as long as you stick with a tray (their chicken is terrible). I haven’t been this year but I;ve verified that they now offer a sweet bbq sauce, a sign of the End Times.
A event visit to Wilber’s with John Shelton Reed and Allan Parnell was a triumph. John pronounced it “even better than before [they closed}.” It was indeed delicious.
Most recently was at Red Bridges, which was even better than the time before. It’s such great place! After lunch there I went to Lexington #1 (the Honeymonk) for a tray, and it, too, was wonderful.
I’ve posted on these (Skylight was a year ago) as well as the vastly underrated Stephenson’s and the different but very good Pik N Pig, and will post on Lexington in the next couple of days (also Picnic in Durham). I suppose I should post here on that trip – or, better, on the South section.)

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We should be in another thread here. this is ridiculous


But this at least has a mention of NYC –

Truly. That’s why I don’t use the site. Might as well just use a big Google Doc


As long it has a search function, who cares how it’s organized?

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Search works when you know just what to search. A blanket thread is more like a room full of books that are piled haphazardly on shelves, tables, the floor, and other flat and nearly flat surfaces, and in boxes and bags. Many of those books might be interesting, once you discover them, but to discover them you’ve got to paw through lots of dross.

I don’t go to many estate sales anymore, unless I have lots of time to dig.

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You can request the mods to move those comments to a new thread .

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Don’t understand what one has to do with the other.

Aside from expecting someone (who?) to police whether people are commenting on the “right” thread or not.

I personally do. It’s very hard to have a discussion about specific restaurants / topics if you have to wade through zillions of irrelevant posts. If you have 30 hits on a search for a restaurant name you have to read them all and figure out if they’re related or not.

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Do whatever you want. I don’t need to be a part of it.

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Nobody is forcing you to.
Nor to drop by and dump on it.

Search works when you know just what to search.

If we end up with 10k individual threads for nyc restaurants, isn’t the only way to find information through search and wont users need to know just what to search? It’s not like there’s a data governance team adding tags to posts to facilitate searching.

I do agree individual restaurant threads facilitate following replies on a particular restaurant but in a post-chowhound world, I’ve come to think about blanket threads as a free-wheeling conversation as opposed to a structured, searchable research platform.


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I think if a restaurant garners a lot of chatter, it should get its own thread. But most of what’s on here are one and done.

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As we’ve discussed before, this thread exists for the casual ate-something-but-don’t-feel-like-starting-a-whole-thread-about-it bites, and has certainly generated discussion and banter where little was there.

The search function here is vastly better than chowhound’s was (which people may have forgotten about — it was virtually impossible to find anything, starting with one’s own posts).

Narrowing down search here even a bit helps a lot but takes a bit of practice (things like occurs in title, category, even a username if you remember someone mentioning something).

The only issue I’ve encountered is that the first instance of a search term in a long thread (like this one) comes back on a general search, not all instances. But if one searches again within the thread, the rest of them do show up.

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Linking the current (2024) thread again:

I agree but at this point, don’t really care, I had many of the same objections expressed by Dave and others but have come to appreciate the fast and loose nature of posting in the blanket thread.

modern indexing and search technology has changed the way we organize knowledge repositories and there’s always going to be give and take btw relying on formal metadata and structure vs index/search. To my eye, AI assisted search is poised to move the needle again in favor of search.

Finally, i’d guess there’s an age bias at play here where younger technologists design as much as possible towards index/search.

Ps apologies, this was not reallly all directed at you but thought I’d put it out there.

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Do people not realize the title of this thread?

GOOD EATS NYC 2023 (A Blanket Thread)

I don’t care if a person is 10 years old or 100 years old, or prefers each restaurant to have its own individual thread, and each ingredient its own board, this thread is titled “A Blanket Thread”.

Which means the very quiddity of this thread is an omnibus compendium, if not an omnipresent collection of everything and anything. A catch-all if you will.

Coming into this thread and complaining that there are too many different restaurants mentioned is like going to the beach and complaining there’s too much sand.

At the point it’s a “you” problem, and not a beach problem.

Sorry, rant over.

Carry on.


I’m guessing that I should stop waiting for my expected discussion of edible blankets and where to find them? Well, maybe in the 2024 thread?