Fruit Cake -- creative ideas?

Here is a North Americanized adaptation of Nigel’s cake, by a Calgarian food writer.


My recollection of making Nigel’s cake last year was that it was very much in the tradition of a British “rich fruit cake”, very dark and packed with fruit. The Calgarian version is much lighter and doesnt seem to have as much fruit. Christmas cake, Jim, but not as we know it.

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As far as I know, it was one of Nigel’s recipes , she just adds a little salt and uses the Imperial measurements.

Here is his from this year

I used his recipe as a guide, from the Guardian, in terms of butter : sugar : flour, and lots of fruit.

I don’t have 2 types of brown sugar so I used what I have. I crossed his recipe with the King Arthur recipe. I also baked it in muffin tins, roughly 70 minutes at 300 degrees F until they registered 205-210 F on my thermapen.

What I made was very loosely based on several recipes- I made my cake with fresh pineapple, Greek spoon sweet quince, Greek spoon sweet sour cherry, sultanas, dried apricots , prunes, Thomson raisins that had soaked in Kraken rum for 3 days, added toasted pecans and German mixed spice for stollen. So yes, this is a sacrilegeous adaptation. I tried one- very tasty.


50 years ago a young bride gifted us this fruit cake, which is the fruit cake of my life. A Southern white fruit cake, rich but surprisingly/seemingly light, bright flavors, full of cherries, pineapple and nuts. Since she was from Georgia, of course she chose pecans. Enjoy!
I begged the recipe which she wrote out for me:


Thanks for sharing your well loved recipe!


I love recipes like this!!! I wonder if you could make muffins like this?

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