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Great review and as a local and devoted lover of the Peters’ era Fromagerie I cannot agree more, especially with your comparison to the old restaurant and its recent “reinventions”.

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In case you didn’t know, you can get prime cap at Costco. Good stuff!!

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I was considering taking a friend to Fromagerie, and perusing the reviews online yesterday I had a feeling this is exactly the experience they are delivering. Please post your review on tripadvisor, I would really love to see how they respond. The guy responds to negative reviews there and claims he checks on every table.

And in regards to your comments about cost, this seems to be the trend everywhere now. No one is trying to put out good food at reasonable prices any more. It’s like every move a restaurant makes is simply an excuse to charge an extra few bucks. Almost every expensive new restaurant I’ve been to in the last year or so has been a letdown. These people think if they can somehow get the interior nice/hip enough and use enough fancy words to describe the dish, people won’t notice they are putting out utterly mediocre food at ripoff prices. I don’t care if your entire interior is plastered with gold and my glassware is made of diamonds. You should not be charging 80 bucks for a steak and fries in NJ!

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@NotJrvedivici FYI: According Fromagerie’s descriptive statement on OpenTable, the steaks are 35-day dry aged. And, btw, just about all the reviews there are positive. I’ve found that diners who post on OT tend to be fairly discerning and those reviews generally agree with my experiences. There are always a few naysayers, but I think that’s par for the course since rarely does any restaurant garner totally positive reviews. (N.B.: I rarely look at Yelp.)

Mr. RBI and I are going to give Fromagerie a try. He’s especially interested in the coq au vin – one of his favorite dishes – and I’m planning to try the duck even though I’d prefer French-style accompaniments rather than the Italian-style they’re doing. I will, of course, report back. We’ll probably do it sometime this month, so stay tuned for my report!

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The food was very good, don’t get me wrong. What upset me greatly, is the lack of attentiveness from management at this price point. Someone…ANYONE (besides my bartender) should have checked on me ONCE during my 3 courses and hour+ in the restaurant. Especially when the owner/manager was standing 10 feet from me for 30+ minutes “chatting” with women at the bar.

Add insult to injury was the woman who lit her cigarette off the candle sitting in front of me while standing at the bar, puffing and walking her way to the front door. Again WTF??

If at any point a manager came up to me to ask how things were my review would be a 180 of how it is. As I said I went to Stage Left last week, didn’t particularly care for my meal, but would go back in a heartbeat because I can tell and appreciate the dedication of the entire staff. That is completely lacking here.

I stand my my sentiments of my only visit and that is the downward slide in the Fromagerie from it’s prime under the Peter’s continues.

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I agree with you that the lack of attentiveness is totally unacceptable especially given the price point. One would think that the owner would be interested in hearing what you think of the food. Obviously, not! But at least the bartender did the right thing. We don’t do bar dining, so it will be interesting to see how service fares in the dining room.

Btw, do you happen to remember the price of the escargots? And how many were there? The fact that the on-line menu has no prices really ticks me off! I guess it falls under the category of “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it!”

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The bartender did a fine job. Only critique of the bartender was she was in black work pants and an un-tucked tuxedo shirt, sans a tie. In a restaurant where there seemed to be an entirely male wait staff, wearing butch style jackets, having an “unkempt” appearance was a bit surprising. I’m not trying to nit pick reasons not to like the place, but rather point out how I believe this place is lacking proper management for the caliber of restaurant it is trying to pass itself off as. Details matter to me when I’m at this price point.

The escargot was served on “standard” escargot plate, so what do those have 6 indentations for the snails? I do not recall the price however my check was $129. - 8.50 tax - 80 steak - 18 salad - $4.(?) iced tea = $22.50 escargot? That’s about the best I can do to give you the price.

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Did you know the German name for these is “Weinbergsschnecken” ?

Usually broiled with herb butter, but the video has recipes for soup and goulash.


Regarding Fromagerie
What you describe … I detest
I totally get it!!!

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Just ran into Christian Peters at the Shrewsbury car wash, although we’ve met before I introduced myself and asked him if his parents would please buy the Fromagerie back!


Nice! Did he say what he is up to? Last time I talked to him he was selling insurance.

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Yes, NotJr, the standard escargot plate does hold six. And your math seems about right to me, so thanks for that! While I love escargot bourguignon, as the self-styled “Foie Gras Queen,” it is a must that I start the meal with that.

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I did not ask him but to my understanding that is what he still does. Definitely still keeping in shape, he said if his father was 10 years younger he would have taken the place back over, he thanked me for my kind words and said his father loves hearing from old customers.

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Had some excellent Hudson valley FG at the River Cafe in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago if you are in the mood.

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In Rome these are known as “Lumache” and are served braised in a tomato, mint, garlic and anchovy sauce with a little pepperoncini flake.

It’s so good you forget you are eating snails.


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Thank God, I was running out of plastic trolls to post :wink: !

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I missed it???


That person was brand new and that was their first post? Lol.

Jr you did miss it and I kind of didn’t get vks jokes until he straight called it out.


Damn… Leave town for a few days and miss all the fun…