[France] cote d'azur

Going to cote d’azur in September, and normally would start my research on Chowhound.
Hoping to get some recommendations for great dinners in Cote d’azur, will probably be staying near Nice.
Appreciate it!

We’ll be in Nice in July. Will report. Usually we rent an apartment and since or kid was young alast2 times we didn’t really eat out. That said there are good charcutiers and fresh pasta places all over Nice. The fall is a great time, lots of fresh fruits and veggies.
RIP Chowhound.

There is another post on Côte d’azur.

We have a place in Nice so I can speak to it. But my dining has been interrupted by the pandemic. Pure et V and Les Agiteurs in Nice are two good one stars, and people still love Jan.

For lower priced and regular dining, the Armand Crespo restaurants are a good value/quality mix. Bar des Oiseaux is the more pasta-centric, Comptoir du Marche and Bistrot d’Antoine more traditionally french. Le Sejour Cafe still is a solid bistro choice.

If you have any specific questions or needs, just ask.

Thank you!
How is Pure & V?

Another regular poster said it was terrific earlier this spring, but my experience is dated.

Pure & V last night was spectacular!
Nearly perfect dinner. Fantastic food, atmosphere, service, and pacing. Vanessa has a gem of a restaurant and her expertise in service and wine shone throughout the night. Can’t wait to dine there again.

We had a fabulous meal at Pure & V last November, with a friend who has a gluten allergy. The food was wonderful, but service was over the top. Glad you enjoyed.