Forum spell checking?

Its actually the browser doing the spell checking. The forum doesn’t have a dictionary.

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I use Chrome. I guess Google hasn’t caught on to the ramen mishegoss.

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report to Google!
'You can help improve Google Chrome by giving us feedback with any problems you’re having on your computer.

If you haven’t already, open a Chrome browser window on your computer.
In the top-right, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu
Click Help > Report an issue.
Add details, including steps to help us re-create the issue you’re experiencing.
Check the boxes if you want to include more information in your report, like a web address, your email address, or a screenshot.
To submit the report, click the Send feedback.

We appreciate your help! In most cases we won’t be able to send you an individual response, but we’ll investigate your report and use the information you provide to improve Google Chrome.’

I looked in my paper back Merriam Webster Dictionary . Ramen is not in it . On page 596 it should be after rambunctious next word is ramie . You can use it for points in scrabble though .

Chrome has it’s own dictionary, and YOU can add words you wish to. I’ve got words like “Brimfield”, “Bourdain”, “Penzeys”, “fiddleheads”, “schmeared”, and “sriracha” in the custom dictionary.

To enable Chrome’s Native Spell-Checker: To enable or disable spell-checking, click the Chrome menu button in the top right on the browser toolbar. Select Settings and at the bottom click Show advanced settings. Scroll down to Languages and click the Language and input settings… button.

Make sure the appropriate dictionary is checked off (mine is English [United States]). You can then Edit custom dictionary at the bottom and add whatever words you want there.

In addition, under Chrome Settings, you can also go to the Privacy section, and click “Use a web service to help resolve spelling errors.” If you do that, a pop-up window comes up and says “Google Chrome can provide smarter spell-checking by sending what you type in the browser to Google servers, allowing you to use the same spell-checking technology used by Google search.” If you do that, the “Learn More” says "This allows Chrome to use the same spell-checking technology as Google Search. Information that is sent: Chrome sends the text you typed to Google’s servers. I personally don’t have this enabled.

To add words to the regular Chrome dictionary, just type the word, such as Ramen, right-click, and “Add to dictionary”. Boom - all done! However, I’m not sure if the custom dictionary recognizes the difference between an initial cap and all lowercase, so you might want to type Ramen and ramen to make sure both words are in there.


Can you add Jrvedivici for me?
Definition; noun, a man of discerning tastes. Devishly handsome while equally charming who at times can actually ooze charisma.

Also synonymous with; NotJrvedivici


My son is growing up to exhibit Jrvedivici qualities and I couldn’t be prouder.


OMG, there’s TWO OF YOU??? God help us all. :wink:


Btw everyone, please feel free to add your list of words to this wiki (editable by everyone) so all can use in their browsers:

That’s a great idea.

I don’t want a spellchecker because I use words in several languages and culinary terms; moreover the ones I’ve seen are usually US English. There aren’t many Canadian English spellcheckers; I usually use the UK one but change manually if there are words (teepee, wagon, tire instead of tyre, etc.) that we spell as in US English.

I do have a Canadian spellchecker in French; however it isn’t really very different from the “France” version. I was hoping that it would accept more Indigenous words, but it doesn’t really.