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Hi Elsie. Sadly, I don’t know how to contact her. And I see it’s been over 2 weeks since she posted on CH (I thought maybe I could respond to a post of hers with a request to e-mail me).

Hopefully she’ll check one of our profiles and find her way over here.



@gaffk - I wonder if she was suspended (or banned). Maybe @LindaWhit knows and would be able to contact her?


(Natascha) #23

debbiel is part of my WFD group over on Fb, so she is aware of this and the other site - as are all other members.

Obviously, I can’t force them to join us here, but I’ve mentioned it more than once.


(kim) #24

You could suspend her from your FB group for two weeks and then insist she ask really, really nicely to join this site :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(Natascha) #25

That’s a grrrrreat idea, gaffk! How come I never thought of that? :stuck_out_tongue:


(kim) #26

Obviously you’re just not as clever as I :kissing_heart:

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CindyJ, I was only alluding to the possibilities of variant goals, styles, plans for development and growth, if any. I have no inside track to direct information about this from either side.

That’s why I said I think it’s between the group owners.



The word is . Robert of FTC is not going to join forces with HO . I think it’s great . Channel 1 and Channel 2 .

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You got the scoop even before I do :smiley: as I found about his decision here on this thread.

I think that actually presents a good opportunity for this community. It frees the site up to focus on-

  1. creating a forum for everyone to engage in vibrant and thoughtful discussions about food-related topics.
  2. remaining not-for-profit. it won’t gradually go down the path of over-commercialization, that risks access to the wealth of knowledge created by the posters over the years.

But with what transpired at CH, and with all that great knowledge at CH that is now semi-accessible because of changes to the interface and search, and may eventually evaporate if the owners decide to pull the plug one day, I just don’t want the same story to repeat itself 5, 10, 20 years later. Hence this site.

Thanks all for getting this site started! Without you it’ll just be a farmer’s market with only one lonely farmer. Cheers.



Posted the news in Food Media at CH that the two sites won’t be merging. Wonder how long that will stay up. Haha



I had no idea of the other place, I like the concept of starting from scratch so am glad there is no merging emerging


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(Mark) #32

Even if the two sites stay independent, there’s nothing preventing mutual promotion. Becoming partner or sister sites of one another, or even forming an umbrella network of sorts (which could bring in other sites as well).



I’m kind of disappointed that there won’t be a merger, because what it means is that content will be somewhat randomly scattered between the two sites. But that’s the way it is.


(Lacey) #34

I’m kind of disappointed that there won’t be a merger, because what it means is that content will be somewhat randomly scattered between the two sites. But that’s the way it is.

Agreed. For those of us who don’t really have a horse in the race, it doesn’t make sense to have two sites that are covering nearly identical pools of information. I think if we want any of these V2.0 communities to be even remotely as successful as the original there needs to be a united front. Right now we are just diluting the pool of info over logistics.


(For the Horde!) #35

Ha ha ha ha. That is just weird that he got the news before you.



On the surface the two sites look fairly similar. But there are some differences in the tone of the conversation and the style between the two sites that ultimately will take the sites in quite different directions.

Take the LA board and general discussion board on FTC as an example, there are a lot of ‘adult language’ and four letter words. While I personally am not one to declare that a forum should be an adult language free zone, frequent uses of such languages set the discussion tone that each site wants to have going forward.

The other difference is what we talk about here. I observed that this group seems to be more focused on talking about the joy of food itself, and in substantial depth, versus venting about CH on FTC. The bond if everyone is united by love for food is fundamentally different from a bond created by a distaste towards a past adversary.


(For the Horde!) #37

It is more than the language. There is a difference in tone and attitude

No kidding. I went to browse on FTC and I saw a lot of that. I think hatred can be a powerful uniting force. Think about how citizens tend to be much more united during war time. However, there is a downside to that.

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(Biscy) #39

…“4 letter words…” as in trucker mouths?


(For the Horde!) #40

I actually don’t mind people use 4 letter words here and there. I use them often in real life, especially talking to my restaurant friends. Kind of a bonding thing. F this and F that, and giggle. :slight_smile:

However, I have never directed F words AT these restaurant working friends. (Disclosure. I do cuss at other cars while I am inside my car especially driving in New York).

What I really worry is the attitude.


(Natascha) #41

TBH - there is one LA poster who apparently can’t write a single post (both title & content) without using ‘fuck’ or ‘fucking’, which is slightly off-putting even to me (someone who’s language in general could be described as rather salty).

I can only imagine how it would appear to more, shall we say, sensitive souls…

But the merger not happening seems to be a done deal, so - who cares.