Flow Chart for Re-doing a Kitchen

Husband says we didn’t get Travertine.

Yes!!! I don’t care if people thing my pots and pans being out in the open looks bad. I want easy access. Everyone I know keeps the things they use every day in cabinets and hard to reach areas.


Agree totally. As well, there are a lot of small DYI type projects to make your space more efficient, and easier on the cook(s). Thinking about pull out shelves for existing cabinets and the like @bmorecupcake.


My parents just built a house and used this LVP. Not a fan. A year in and a lot of gaps in the planks. I can tell it’s not real wood. It easily pops up.

It is more forgiving on drops though.

I’ll personally never use it after seeing it after a year of use.

I will admit bias though. I often hate synthetic invitations of any natural material (wood paneling or fake stone). Also seen synthetic materials meant to imitate water or ice. No thanks.


No young ones in your life to help with the heavy lifting?

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Just remember that your DYI project may well be my “have to hire a contractor” job. This includes installing pull-out shelves in existing cabinets.

@eleeper, yes, I certainly do understand that.

I’ve done those, and more difficult fixed them. Not for the faint of heart. You have to level them front to back and side to side and top to bottom. Major effort.

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