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Thanks for sending the note! (wasn’t implying anything with my note either- I just happened to remember this exchange yesterday night and decided to do some digging.)

St. Pete area here

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Welcome Dunedin here

I live in Hills and work in Pinellas

Spring Hill?

Slap head Hillsborough


Yup. I’m one of those cars on the bridge every day…

I feel for ya but timing is everything

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Hello! A former Pinellas resident and sometimes visitor to Palm Harbor (new not old).

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We’re sort of near you in Eustis (Lake County) and go to Tarpon Springs when the weather is nicer. Which Greek restaurant do you prefer?

Did we ever get a Florida Board?

I’m not an expert on Tarpon Springs (altho I’m trying lol). I’ve seen lots of love for Costas and Mama’s over the years. Consensus seems to be that different places are preferred for specific dishes. It also seems that many people maintain familial and nostalgic connections to some of the restaurants there.


I know it’s on the main drag and woefully touristy.but Hella’s throws down some pretty serious nosh, and the service is attentive My bestie treated me to lunch there a few weeks ago for my bday.

Late to the party but may be moving to Florida so I’d love to see recs there

Where in Florida are you moving? I can help you with the St Pete/ Tampa area

Welcome back. We keep crossing paths, first in Bklyn Heights (Henry’s End, Noodle Pudding, etc) & now your area of Florida. We’ve been renting in Indian Shores/IRB each winter for years, but didn’t go this year & may not be coming back (not sure yet - we’d need to find a new rental). Have you gone up to Clearwater Beach and tried Heilman’s Beachcomber yet? Its an old line place with live piano music and more than decent food. We really like it. Also, our rental was across the street from Salt Rock Grill, which we found to be a nice place, especially at both their indoor and outdoor bar areas. We also liked Fodder and Shine in Tampa, but that’s only based on one lunch several years ago. And, of course, the original Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City. But the place we miss the most, by far, is Bern’s.

Probably St. Augustine or Palm Coast. Still at early stages. Thanks!

Ah, Berns and the wine list . . .

Also, fried grouper sandwiches at Frenchy’s Cafe and Dockside Dave’s . . .

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Hey Steve - yes it’s such a small world. We’re usually down here for 6 months (Nov-May ish) but got stuck this year and so have been here for about a year and a half. It’s a mess in Florida so we don’t really go out.
In the past era we made the rounds of mainly St Pete and environs. St Pete has some terrific restaurants and is becoming quite a food scene.
Avoid the Clearwater craziness as much as is possible (altho have heard great things about Heilman’s Beachcomber and occasionally go to Frenchys for a grouper sandwich). Salt Rock Grill is reliable. Dont go often to Tampa but love the original Columbia and often go when dropping off or picking up at the airport.
We will be probably be heading up to Asbury Park sometime in May or June until the Fall before coming back down. If you come down let me know.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold