Florida board

Great, it’s season right now (sadly … sigh) so it should start out quite busy.

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5 posts were split to a new topic: Disney World dining

Is it beyond the pale to suggest that posts about Florida be posted on the Florida board here:


and that replies to this post respond to its intended purpose? That is, discuss and gauge the interest in a standalone Florida Board? Discussing specific restaurants and regions in Florida are going to be lost in the long run if they are posted here.

Could the moderators move this conversation to that board?

Sure- I will also suggest that we split mentions of restaurants/ scenes from this thread to individual threads so the discussions get more visibility. Please let me know.

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I’ll be in Palm Harbor for a week in June to care for my Mother. I’d enjoy joining a get together!

I spent over 3 decades in Pinellas County with stints in Tallahassee & St. Augustine.
I get down a few times a year to help care for my Mother. Her condition and the caregiving limit the opportunity for much dining out but I usually squeeze in a few places.

I’ll contribute when I can to a Fl. board.


Keep in touch when you get down here


Hello, glad to be here!

hey Charlie, glad to have you, now we can have openings and closings in Palm Beach County.

Welcome- Charlie!

Separately, you may want to invite more pals. The FL board is still rather quiet… so probably need more people.

It was never a really busy board on the other playground…and we’ve found most of the regulars.

Just thought of Andy Huse, although he’s not been as active since he finished the last book.

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There was a poster from Tampa who had an aquarium business who used to be active. I think his “name” was fish related…

Does anyone want to shoot Dale and Andy an invite?

Is this the same ospreycove?

I have sent Dale and Andy a note – no idea if that’s the same ospreycove or not. I don’t think he had any profile info on CH, so nothing to go on.

Just for the record – I wasn’t being a slacker on finding Dale and Andy – just thought that maybe someone else was in communication with them off list.

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I don’t tweet but a quick tweet to this ospreycove might be in order for a yea nay

that’s the rub – I don’t tweet, either, although the lack of activity on the account makes me wonder if it’s even monitored.

Anybody else do Twitter?

Thanks for sending the note! (wasn’t implying anything with my note either- I just happened to remember this exchange yesterday night and decided to do some digging.)

St. Pete area here

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold