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The family history is in Northwest Florida. The ancestors got kicked out of the Baldwin county Alabama group for being cattle rustlers and having children out of wedlock. They were there when Andrew Jackson took control of Florida from the Spanish in Plaza Ferdinand in Pensacola. I’m impressed your family dates back that far in St Augustine. Do you know why Tallahassee was chosen to be the state capital? It was half way between Pensacola and St Augustine, the two population centers of Florida at that time. Have a great holiday season.


while we’re rounding up Florida folk, does anyone have contact information for ospreycove? Was another pretty solid Florida voice, especially in sourcing good things, but no info on the old profile, and no posts in the last 3 months.

IndianRiverFL (real name Dale Pierce, in Melbourne) also went AWOL about the same time. IIRC he’s a realtor in that area, so should be easy to find if nobody’s got his contact info.

Just summarizing (as much for my benefit as anyone’s)
So we’ve got Pinellas(Scubadoo), north and south Hillsborough (sandytoes and me), Orlando (Laura), Jax/St Augustine corridor (Robin), Panhandle (jolei – lol haven’t seen that big sign in a long time!), Smartie (sorry, don’t remember where you are!). If we add back Osprey, we add SW FL, and middle East Coast if Dale appears.

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I’m in Palm Beach Co. I have made some suggestions, CFByrne is very active on CH, stuartlafonda was another.

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I love this post :wink: I tried to respond to each point at a time…then just gave up because I liked it all.


please feel free, if you know CFByrne, to send him a note too. I find it generally more effective for someone one knows to be the one sending the note (even though I wrote him earlier). Here’re his contacts:


I can’t find stuartlafonda, IndianRiverFL, ospreycove so far.

Who else do we want to have?

Separately, does anyone want to invite Deluca also? his name came up a few times

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Do you think we should get the board created and start posting, and then try to gather more folks? Or try to gather more folks first?

I’d say let’s do it.

What’s the down side?

[quote=“Scubadoo97, post:47, topic:2297, full:true”]
What’s the down side?
[/quote]Quiet board if there aren’t enough people participating, discouraging further participation. Though I checked the site traffic and FL has the 6th most traffic amongst all the states. (after CA, MA, NY, NJ, TX). So it seems like there are a lot of eyes so may be just need some posts to draw folks out. I just created the board:
Its your board- Go crazy and make it hopping!

I will set up Florida specific Facebook / Twitter accounts later today to aide in your effort to build the board up.


Great, it’s season right now (sadly … sigh) so it should start out quite busy.

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Is it beyond the pale to suggest that posts about Florida be posted on the Florida board here:


and that replies to this post respond to its intended purpose? That is, discuss and gauge the interest in a standalone Florida Board? Discussing specific restaurants and regions in Florida are going to be lost in the long run if they are posted here.

Could the moderators move this conversation to that board?

Sure- I will also suggest that we split mentions of restaurants/ scenes from this thread to individual threads so the discussions get more visibility. Please let me know.

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I’ll be in Palm Harbor for a week in June to care for my Mother. I’d enjoy joining a get together!

I spent over 3 decades in Pinellas County with stints in Tallahassee & St. Augustine.
I get down a few times a year to help care for my Mother. Her condition and the caregiving limit the opportunity for much dining out but I usually squeeze in a few places.

I’ll contribute when I can to a Fl. board.


Keep in touch when you get down here


Hello, glad to be here!

hey Charlie, glad to have you, now we can have openings and closings in Palm Beach County.

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