Finally caught 'Burnt', the movie...

I liked Burnt, and the word “privilege” never crossed my mind. I’m a black woman “of a certain age,” and I looked at him as just another angry chef on the verge of suicide. Loved the food porn!

100 Foot Journey and Chef are two other food and kitchen porn movies that I like as well. I’m in the process of doing a facelift on my kitchen, and am always fascinated by the backgrounds. Whenever I see one of these movies, I’m only looking to be entertained, not to have my political opinions stroked or to have Oscar-level expectations. Just entertainment. A bowl of buttery popcorn and a Chardonnay work just fine, thankyouverymuch.


‘No Reservations’ with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart is another good culinary related movie that comes to mind. Top, no-nonsense female chef comes up against a handsome, talented chef thrust into her kitchen. Great food and romance…

I like Simply Irresistable as much as any other. Of course it’s not a straight up foodie movie, more “magical” etc, but a fun watch nonetheless.

The worst cooking movie I’ve seen is the one with Adam Sandler, he is SO not a cook. They should have had a lot more stand-in action. He preps like an 8 year old. Splangish, that’s the one :wink:

That’s a (good) remake of a good German film called Mostly Martha.

+1 on that Rat. The Italian guy was terrific.

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Oh you just reminded me, something a little different; the animated Ratatouille is pretty darn good!


Ratatouille, the movie, may be the best one of them all albeit animated…

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It’s romantic about cooking AND romantic about RATS - so obviously a huge favorite of mine.


Another enthusiastic thumbs-up for Mostly Martha. I thought overall a better cast than the U.S. version, though I did like Catherine Zeta-Jones’ work.

Today’s Special was very good. An Indian chef whose dad owns a restaurant works in a high end French and ends up running his dad’s place. Very good.

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I think I saw a little bit of that but had to run. I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks!

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If you have Netflix streaming, it’s still available … I loved it!

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That’s how I saw it.

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I liked that one too.

WCG I know you are aware of this fact, but for anyone who is not, the Arepa lady featured in the film was one of Jim Leff’s discoveries.


I was telling my DH about this thread while making a list of movies to see, and he said, “what about that movie where they kill dinner party guests and end up with an awesome tomato garden!” The Last Supper…dark comedy, kinda food related.


The body count in La Grande Bouffe is right up there.

Anyone recall ‘The Freshman’ with Marlon Brando and Matthew Broderick? Brando plays a mobster who holds these elaborate clandestine dinners featuring exotic animals as the main course…fun film!

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The Mexican version of EDMW - Tortilla Soup. That’s my cuisine! I didn’t like Burnt much.

I also like to catch the holiday movie “What’s Cooking?” each Thanskgiving.

One of my all time favorite movies. & FWIW I know the Benelli’s from South Amboy - they’re like…neighbors.

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