February 2019. Boston MA and surrounding areas - Openings and Closings


Yes very much like that. They were very tasty, I just have never had “non-sealed” potstickers. Otherwise nothing unusual about them and very tasty. I’ll order them again no worries.


What a great and helpful post, Thimes. Thanks so much for taking the time to go into so much detail. This place sounds pretty promising based on your experiences. I think we’ll give it a couple more weeks and then give them a try. I’ll definitely report back!


El Rincon de Moody’s is closed. The sign on the window says “Closed for Renovations”. The website says “closed for the holidays”. The Patch says “closed for the winter season”. Anyone know anything?


I have. Too much MSG, too doughy.


The long rumored switch over of the Petsi Pies Putnam Ave. location to a Darwins quietly happened in the last few weeks (signage is going up today). The interior is exactly the same for now, and counter staff is unchanged. They are offering a good selection or Darwin’s sandwiches, coffee and beverages to start.

This is an improvement for me. The food selection at Petsi was limited and portion sizes and quality of ingredients have steadily dwindled and declined over the years. It will be nice to have an option for a quick bite in the neighborhood.

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At Galangatron’s urging, my sister and I tried Thmor Da and all I can say is that I can’t wait to go back!

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Hello what’s new gang? I’ve been away for a year, just been busy and eating more in NYC than anything else. I checked out chowhound that site looks dead, looks like I killed them off haha.

So what’s new?? I’ve been MIA but I’m still killin it with the secret finds!


Welcome! Good to have you here.

What are your favorite secret finds?


Dude! Welcome (back). We need and welcome your presence here.

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Hello and welcome back @tatsu! Suspense about your secret finds is killin’ us. :wink:

Looking forward to your future posts!


Welcome back and we are looking forward to hearing about your finds!


Karl’s Sausage Kitchen is closed for vacation starting tomorrow till the 26th.


Today, I was shocked - yes, shocked - to see that Jae’s Cafe has taken over the Meju space in Davis Sq. Jae’s has a special place in my heart. It was the first sophisticated place I ate at in Boston many moons ago and it was a place where my parents were happy to eat at and foot the bill. Anyone who is familiar with Jae’s knows that it gradually faded out as other places took its place, although he (Jae Chung) had a hotel / restaurant out in the Berkshires for some time (I never stayed there but ate quite happily in the restaurant).

I want to go but I also wonder if the cache of the Jae’s name is just not going to bring young folks in especially with everything else food-wise going on in Davis. I feel like I’ll go and feel sad. I told B that we are going our next meal out. Or hell, I’ll just go and see for myself.

[Sidebar: We had already made plans to eat elsewhere - Elm Street Taproom, which was adequate but all the menu items seemed priced about $2-$3 more than they should’ve been and the wine pour was STINGY. We mentioned it to our server and rightly so, things like that are not determined by the staff but by management. Decent house tortilla chips.]


Wow, I had no idea they were still operating! I used to love them for a more funky interpretation of sushi and Korean dishes before it was a trendy thing.

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Same here. I’d be curious to see what Jae’s is doing these days.


Really the same Jae’s? We were just reminiscing the other day as we drove past their old Beacon Street location. Looking forward to reports.