Favourite places and favourite dishes to order in Paris, a list by Travellers and/or Non-Residents

The chilis are espelette and while a little hot are staggeringly good


Not to blow my horn too loudly l started making apricot confiture with dried Blenheim apricots after Constant’s preserves were almost all goo and no chunks of fruit after years of all chunks a d little goo.
If lucky Margaret will back my claim to yumminess.


I almost posted that we much prefer yours to CC’s. But not everyone is as lucky as we are to have shared your quite extraordinary product.

Two different Christian Constants. One is the chef who practically owned the whole East end of rue Saint-Dominique and passed it along to — I thought it was Cyril Lignac, wasn’t aware it was Bertrand Bluy. Quite possible since they’re old friends. The other one is a pastry chef who migrated from rue du Bac to rue d’Assas and recently to rue des Écoles. Best ice creams and sorbets in Paris IMO aside from Berthillon, who still takes the cake. Not crazy about Une glace à Paris, their products are chock-full of texture agents.

Café Constant went to Cyril Lignac, Les Cocottes and Le Violin d’Ingres to Bertrand Bluy. Interesting that it is a different Christian Constant that has the shop on rue des Ecoles. I thought I had spoken to the CC from rue St. Dominique when there once.

Ooo. I think I’ve missed something. And espelette?

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This is a timely tip. I love ice cream (who doesn’t ?) and will be staying just off rue des Écoles next month.


We are here tonight!

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A profound ignorance of the lack of diversity in French agriculture. He should’ve done his research and known that they dont milk oats here. Nor soy. They’re still mainly using cows.


I love my oat milk latte at the Peloton Café on rue de Pont Louis-Philippe.


Indeed. We’re very animal-conscious and we do care for our cows’ job security.


I love the headline / original question here (though I’m just as interested in what Parisian locals have to say as we tourists) - what specific favorite dishes to try in restaurants in Paris.

I look through my own lists, and I have only the beef bourguignon and Grand Mariner soufflé at Josephine Chez Dumonet (and neither was quite as good when we were there a few weeks ago as they were in times past, though both still worthy). Well, I suppose if one included 3* Michelin places, I would include the iced oysters from Guy Savoy, but that rec is not really IMO all that useful for a list like this.

For me, this would be a supplement to, not a replacement for, going to restaurants for overall quality, tasting menus, creative dishes based on the season, etc.

On my list of things to try for next time are:

  • the poulet au vin jaune at Auberge Bressane (per Parn)
  • the crème caramel at L’Assiette
  • the bouillabaisse at Chez Michel

What “shouldn’t miss” dishes at specific restaurants do folks recommend?

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I have a habit of visiting Paris on holidays when the chefs are on vacation, and many restaurants are closed, so despite 5 or 6 visits, I haven’t tried many places that are famous for specific dishes.

Be aware that the bouillabaisse at Chez Michel is by no means a classic one. It is the chef’s own interpretation, influenced by his Basque and Spanish experiences — in fact it is much closer to a Basque ttoro than to a bouillabaisse.

Going back to the main question:

  • Baba au rhum at Arnaud Nicolas
  • Veal brains meunière at Amarante
  • Steamed mackerel at Le Gabriel
  • Boudin créole at La Rhumerie
  • Saucisse-purée at Les Arlots
  • Croquettes de joue de bœuf at YARD Mont-Louis

Lovely lunch at Bouillon Racine. a few years back. Carrot soup, veal cutlets with roasted tomatoes, floating island and assorted ice creams for dessert.
Very pretty setting, there was a wedding party next to us having a wonderful time.
Not sure if it is a tourist trap or not, but we enjoyed it very much.


I can’t think of any one dish that we must have when we return to Paris each year, except perhaps a banh mi at Angela’s Banh Mi at 81 rue de Turbigo in the 3rd, Mont d’Or cheese if we’re here in the fall, a saucisse de Morteau wherever I can find it (often we buy it at a boucherie and cook it up in the apartment), and, finally (until I think of something else), a good ris de veau at Amarante, or Coretta or Parcelles.

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I want to try the rice pudding @naf mentions [Paris] Possibly the best rice pudding - riz au lait of L’Ami Jean

I also love èclairs, so they will be on my list.

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Yes, always, un éclair caramel au beurre salé from L’Éclair de Genie on 14 rue Pavée in the Saint Paul area.

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I especially like coffee èclairs, but I’m open to many varieties.