Favorites on the Big Island/Hawaii?

Also, don’t sleep on saimin. My favorite is on Kaua’i but all of them are good if not great.
And make sure you hit the supermarket or gas station mini-mart before 10:30am if you want spam musubi - they are in the hot cases, and they sell out by midday. Best beach/surfing/diving snack to have with you, bar none.

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I think Spam is a required part of a meal, or two, on any trip to Hawaii. Or so i have been told.
Boarding now.


I LOVED Two Ladies Kitchen. We bought a variety of mochi, after waiting in a lengthy line, and my only regret was not buying more.

Also in Hilo is Kula Shave Ice, which is my favorite that I’ve had anywhere in Hawaii. They have good vegan coconut ice cream that you can combine with the shave ice. Their syrups are homemade and very good. It’s right next to the farmer’s market.

We also liked the malasadas at Tex.

If you happen to be down in Captain Cook area, we liked Black Rock Pizza for a casual meal with beautiful sunset views.


Save travels! Looking forward to your reports.

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on Kona side: Ululani’s for shave ice (flavors are real fruit), & Randy’s Huli chicken on the belt road around Kealakekua

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Is Kula the place next to the tsunami museum? If so, I concur. One problem, though, is that if the surf is good, the shop may not open! Of course, that’s a problem shared with a lot of small businesses throughout the islands.

I arrived around 1600 and my first impression was how beautiful the water was but then there was a huge “Holy crap! The lava covers most of the NW side of the island!!”
moment. It has cooled of course but you can guess the age of it by the amount of grass clumps growing in it.

The airport is almost all shaded but open to the air which is pretty cool. No pun intended.
I got an Uber for $25 and the driver was a perfect host. Friendly and a fellow traveller who had been to many of the same Costa Rican beaches i have been to.
Front desk clerk? Same.
Visited a place just 200 yards from my hotel, On The Rocks, for a quick Poke bowl that was good, not great but it is a tourist centric place. The photo below the poke photo gives you a good idea where the name came from. The upper blue canvas to the right of the coconut tree is On The Rocks. The lower blue is Huggos, which is more formal.
The bar tender was pretty chill, nice place.

Watched the waves roll in and wolfed poke and a Kona ale. Pretty good end to my day.
The photo does not show the roar of the waves, beautiful view from my balcony.

I am tuckered out. Time for exploring in the morning.

Night shot of the bay.

I need to figure out how to download those 2 second GIF files.