Favorite North End restos? [Boston, MA]

So sorry to hear about The Daily Catch.

We haven’t been for years, but the last time we went we had a good meal. Things change, sigh.

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That place has NEVER appealed to me. I have never felt any desire to even step in there. Even from the outside, it looks like the cafeteria for the courthouse. Perhaps the original North End location is better?


Thanks! Ooops, sorry I missed that the reference was to the waterfront location, not the Hanover St. North End location.

I went to the original “waterfront” location near the Moakley Courthouse many years ago. It was truly dreadful. Closed some time ago. The current “waterfront” location is on Atlantic Avenue, a short walk from the North End.

Our first experience with Daily Catch was decades ago when they had a location in Kendall Square. It was amazing. Long gone. Brookline was good fewer decades ago. I’ve never been to the North End/Hanover St/original location. Might be worth a try.

The founding couple had 7 sons, who have now apparently taken over the business.


I totally missed that @fooddabbler was referring to the “waterfront” location. Whoops.

I have been only to the one on Hanover Street, and my last time there is but a distant memory.