Favorite food tunes


“Pappy kept a cookin’”:

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Tried to look at the whole thread so sorry if you already caught these:

Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey

Leonard Cohen - Suzanne (tea and oranges. . .)

Prairie Home Companion - the biscuit song, and Ketchup! Ketchup!

I can see I’m going to lose hours wandering through these links. Thanks!!

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Welcome, to a small but mighty group of music lovers contributing to a growing thread.

Great choices, jammie!

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How could I forget this one - passed around the black eyed peas. Pass the biscuits, please

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And of course, there is Moby Grape - the band


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took her back & made her dessert

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And the saddest song every recorded, Sail Away, by Randy Newman, which references watermelon.


I’m only at post 255, so I may have missed this, but how about "Corn bread, hogmaws and chitlins!

“Bang! Bang!”

The food words don’t show up in the lyrics, but in the stuff in between .
The Spanish version.


And from Popmatters
" What they came up with was the sound of a raucous block party in el barrio – the voices of kids chanting “Bang! Bang!” stood out in the mix, and the track was recorded with an overhead boom-operated mic to create a “live” ambiance. But the words announced that this was a mixed party. Besides “cuchifritos” and “lechón”, there was soul food on the menu – “cornbread, hog maw and chitterlings”.


That’s what I’m talking about!


My dad had this album “Wings and Things” . I remember the cover, but learned about the music much later.

“Wings and Things”.


How about Pigmeat Markham and “Here Comes the Judge”.
Pigmeat Markham- Here comes the judge!
I sometimes think of that as the first rap song.


Not much in the way of food, but…

" Order in this courtroom, order in this courtroom
Judge, your Honorship, Hi sir
Did I hear you say “Order in the Court?”
Yes I said order in the court

Well, I’ll take two cans of beer, please
He is the judge, he is the judge
Everybody knows that he is the judge
I had a chat with Ho Chi Min

With cheap rice wine and chased with gin
Won’t take long unless I miss my guess
I’ll have you out of this doggone mess
I sent a cable to Bob and Mac"

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Lol I think we have this one a couple times. Very appropriate for today! Enjoy.


Since Arlo is often in our thoughts and over the airways on Thanksgiving thought I’d post a different tune:
The Motorcycle Song
“I don’t want a pickle
Just want to ride on my motorsickle”


“Mrs. Paul, Mrs. Paul” by Root Boy Slim

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