Favorite food tunes

(Dan) #742

(Dan) #743

(Dan) #744

(Dan) #745

(Dan) #746

(Andrea) #747

How did I forget that one?!?!

(Dan) #748

(Dan) #749

(Dan) #750

(Dan) #751


(Dan) #752

(Dan) #753

(Dan) #754

Lyric reference


Joni Mitchel - Chelsea Morning

“There was milk and toast and honey and a bowl of oranges, too
And the sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses”

(Dan) #756

Wonderful addition!


John Gorka - Gravyland

Music begins around 1.26

“All the rest is just like gravy on the table
And I’ll pour and pass as long as I am able
And I know it takes some time to understand
The rules of behavior here in gravyland”

(Dan) #758

New one on me! Gravyland, how about that!


Little Feat - Dixie Chicken

“If you’ll be my Dixie chicken I’ll be your Tennessee lamb”

God, I still miss Lowell George…


Little Feat - Rad Gumbo

After Lowell George - but lyrics are packed with food references!

Kickin’ off the song:
“If you walk in right off the street
You can take the load right off your feet
Mamma bring the menu to your seat
But the bill of fare be short and sweet
Won’t find no etouffe’
Mamma never ever could cook that way
She’s all ancien’ regime
No nouvell cuisine”


Laura Nyro - Stoned Soul Picnic

“There’ll be lots of time and wine
Red yellow honey, sassafras and moonshine”