Favorite brunches or sit-down lunches in the city?

I’m not familiar with Bar Sardine and don’t go to the West Village that much to eat, so my knowledge of eateries there is limited.

There were plenty of people at Chelsea Market last Friday night when I was there and on other days and nights I’ve been there, so I think it’s both a day and night place.

I think you should consider going to Otto, given what you’ve said about your ambitions (or lack thereof). It’s a little big to feel like a neighborhood place, but it actually is a neighborhood place, with excellent appetizers and pasta and a good, fair-priced wine selection.

In that neighborhood, you also might check out Old Tbilisi Garden, 174 Bleecker St. Strictly dinner except for weekends. I’ve never been there except for dinner, but the food is very good, though just a bit salty for me.

Oh good, i think you’ll enjoy it a lot :slight_smile: it’s been around a number of years, just a litle place that kind of flies under the radar. I like the rice cake thingy that comes with a topping, i get miso. But they have a specials board that often has goodies on it. Kinda hard to go wrong. They’re also very knowledgeable about sake and have great recommendations to go with what you order.

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The chawanmushi is excellent.

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Thanks again, Pan!

I know Old Tbilisi and I’ve been a few times; always enjoyed it. Otto’s looks good too. I was thinking about maybe going to Arturo’s for classic coal-oven pie one night and wanted to ask how they’ve held up and whether it’s been overrun by tourists like most of the others?

I can’t wait!! :yum:

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Yes. Walk across the street to OTTO. Sitting at the bar around 2 or 3PM, attended to by the superb bartender Dennis, is one of my favorite ways to pass an afternoon. It is usually not crowded - peaceful even - and Dennis will guide and regale you professionally and cordially.

I recommend skipping the pizzas and getting salumi and a few of the small plates. One of the best and esoteric Italian wine lists in the city. Including the BTG offerings.

It really is a lovely experience.

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Can anyone please tell me what El Quijote on W 23rd is like for seafood/lobster/paella?

I’ve been once, well over a decade ago, and my only memory is of their distinct garlic sauce, which I recall packed a mighty punch back then. I loved the atmosphere! Has it held up over the years? I’d like to make a reservation for dinner with my wife, if so.

Also, what’s Bar Goto in LES like?

Good for drinks? Food? Crowded? Noisy?

Great spot with excellent bar snacks menu and creative cocktails- like, really creative, so check out the menu first. Some people love that kind of thing and others not so much. Rather small so it’s busy and loud like all bars here are on weekends but going on the early side would be fine. I felt like an idiot paying $8 for their celery app but it’s freaking fantastic
Bon app published it so now i make it at home frequently

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I think Arturo’s pizza used to be better, but after a rough patch, my latest dinner there within the last couple of months was close to as good as they used to be - not with char, which some people like, but a good thin-crust pizza with good tomato sauce base. And they’ve always had other dishes that are good, including eggplant parmigiana and calamari. I don’t think they were ever as good as Patsy’s in East Harlem, but you can easily go there and have good food while listening to good jazz.

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It’s been a while since I went to El Quijote, but I’ve never had a decent meal there, so I’m the wrong person to ask whether it’s “held up”.

I agree. It’s a dusty old place with bad food. I’ll admit I am not into nostalgia, so to me it’s always been an old dump.

Different from el quijote , but i adore El quinto pino and visit with some frequency (which is saying a lot for NYC since it’s not near my apartment or work). It’s very much like tapas bars in Barcelona and they have fantastic food, every month they deature a different region of spain with several special menu items. But no paella. There is usually a fideua dish though.
Their nearby “sister” restaurant (same owners) is Txikito, which isn’t quite as charming but serves a wider variety of larger size dishes. Your best strategy is to go to el quinto pino for a few tapas and drinks and then over to txikito for a few more dishes :))

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Thanks so much and apologies for the late response! El Quinto Pino looks great and I’m definitely adding it to our meal plans!

Ttrockwood did not recommend El Quijote above.

Woops, I meant El Quinto Pino! (I’ve fixed it)

I hope you love it as much as i do :). The crispy chickpeas and patatas bravas are must haves for me every visit, and my omni friends love the garlic shrimp (gambas al ajillo). There is often a fideos dish and those are always good too. Hard to go wrong there actually…

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Quick question:

We have a Saturday night dinner booked at Estela for 9:30 PM next month. I wanted to do an earlier seating but the reservation slipped my mind until today so I’m just thankful that we got in.

I’d like to swing by Amor y Amargo beforehand (first-time!) and was wondering if we should aim for approx. 7:30 or earlier, accounting for queues, service, transit time, etc? I’ve never been before and I have no idea what to expect with regards to the line on a Saturday evening between 7-8pm. I’d also like to figure out approx. how long we should allocate for at least 2 pre-dinner cocktails, without feeling rushed; what’s the wait and turnaround like once you’re in the door and how busy does it get? Is there considerable standing room on a weekend or is it regulated for capacity once the bar is full?

I just want to get a better idea of how to plan our night, since we’ll be coordinating with other people and plans.

Thanks for any advice/input you can offer!

I haven’t been to amor y amargo but if you’re there by 7:30 that sounds perfect to have two drinks and not feel rushed. East village bars get more busy the later it is so i wouldn’t worry too much about finding seats.
Leaving the bar by 9pm gives you plenty of time to find a cab and get to estela even with some traffic
Sounds like a great night!

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Google has a useful feature that lets you see how busy a given place is likely to be at a given time. Here’s what you can expect at Amor y Amargo on a Saturday night at 7:30 (right side of the page). Note that the place is very small. Have a backup plan.

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