Fans of Jacques Pepin and Anthony Bourdain

Wow! Good on you that it was not too difficult!
My kids are grown now, but when I was working crazy hours, and my kids were little, and later involved in theater, music and sports, we didn’t even get home until 6:30 or sometimes 8. To start at 7 , planning for a 1 hour cook seemed like too much. Fortunately that’s in my rear window, and my “kids” are okay. Mostly.
I think choices can be nice.


I think everybody should see RayRay (my dopey nickname, like EVOO or sammies) shows to draw their own conclusions. I used to watch her until I found her annoying.

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Some day I’ll tell you about my years when my son was little. And my dad needed a lot of care. And my husband was out of town a whole lot in the summer. And I worked full time, the only person in my particular department. I took some shortcuts, but looking back, I’m amazed at what I did, and for how long. My son is now 33, 6’4", incredibly healthy, handsome, and nutrition conscious.
Very glad I don’t have to do it again, but by God I fed my family extremely well, from scratch, and I’m proud of that.


Thanks for taking the time to answer, Sasha. I’m always interested in what makes people hate a celebrity, especially if it’s not for something completely loathsome or a self-proclaimed irrational dislike. The shortening of words into cutsie terms sounds grating as. I could barely handle some English translations of Yiddish affection for how grating it sounds (although warm and lovely, to me, in Yiddish).
It would seem to me though that type of humour (physical v intellectual) is a matter of preference rather than an obnoxious character trait. Either would be grating if not done well.
I’ve yet to watch her shows but the fact that she eases a number of people into something they might find daunting suggests she has a needed place. Her shtick is likely there for the “if a person like me can do this than anyone can” and yet might grate if she’s also pumping celebrity based on expertise.

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I’ve never seen many positive comments about Rachel Ray on a food board like this.

She’s won 3 Daytime Emmys and is worth about a scadillion dollars now from TV shows and cookbooks, so obviously some people like her.

TV personalities are some of the lowest hanging fruit for people to bag on, even if they worked hard to be where they are, and woe to the ones who are cute or beautiful in addition to being successful. If others are loftily capable of cooking a meal in 30 minutes, I say, great. Let’s see your show.

I’m not begrudging her success.
I was actually thinking of her daytime show and her fire. And her husband who’s the luckiest guy alive :rofl:

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The only thing I find objectionable about her (other than not usually being in the mood to see all that energy) is that she abbreviates Extra Virgin Olive Oil as EVOO. And every single time she uses it, she says “Now we’re adding some EVOO. That’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil!” Every. Single. Time.

What is the point of creating a cutesy abbreviation if you continue to use the full phrase anyway? It’s ridiculous.

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Agreed and that was my comment about - in your post you made the assumption that you can only cook more complex dishes as working parents on a rare Saturday once you are retired and I think that is a very subjective view.
And you don’t always need more than 60 minutes to cook something good but in my experience these less than 30 minutes meals tend often to be either unrealistic in their timing (take much more time with preparing/cutting ingredients or include some shortcuts

You’re right about that.

Same. And also, same for Emeril, Bobby Flay. Eventually, imo, the personalities all got in the way of the food and the teaching.

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