Dungeness crab: Toxic algae could delay Northern California [Nov 2015] season

Gotcha. Yeah, I’ve never been tempted by “previously frozen” DC.


Well that’s good news sort of . The crab fisherman here are pretty broke from this , their money making season is over . They’ll live off the dregs of what’s left .


‘Diners should remove the crabs’ guts before cooking them, the health agency said. And the crabs should be boiled or steamed — and their cooking water discarded — instead of fried or broiled.’

A bit hard to do if one buys crabs live.

A technique I’ve yet to try https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_Tdf0zejdUY
has you smash a Dungeness crab against the side of a boat in such a way that that carapace pops right off and kills the crab. You rinse the viscera out and it is ready to cook. Crab guts stink, so this approach seems a bit messy to do indoors— who wants Domoic acid on their curtains?

Years ago, I tried to “humanely” kill a 5 lb. lobster before steaming it, and my lousy knife skills prolonged its death as I couldn’t find the right spot to pierce.

Thanks. I didn’t turn on the audio, though with that technique I assume we’ll lose a lot of the innards and fatty goodness?

You lose all that stuff!

An alternative prep to streamed crabs might be something saucy that used freshly killed crab, for example Singapore black pepper or chile crab. I love how recipes give no guidance in how to kill the crab, as in this recipe

Staying closed.

My husband and I went crabbing yesterday in Half Moon Bay since recreational crab season is open. We caught plenty of Dungeness crabs in our two pots, but they were all just a hair too small to keep. Next time, we need to kayak further and bring more crab pots!

I bought live crab at Bonita Fish Market in Berkeley for $10/lb two weeks ago. It was from Washington, and it wasn’t very sweet.

The Chronicle is reporting that the commercial crab season will continue to be closed.

Are the crabs in that area safe to eat? I didn’t know that.

I had two from Monterey Fish in Berkeley a little over a week ago and they were large, feisty and very sweet.

Season MIGHT open next week :grinning: I miss crab . I bet they were as good as you say .

I have tried a version of that and had good success. I hold down the legs on one side and rip off the carapace. Then I quickly cut the crab in half down the middle. Lobster would be much harder, I’ve never attempted it.

Yes, they are safe to eat south of Pt. Reyes. CDFW article:

We are going crabbing again soon. I hope we catch some big ones!

I guess that kills the commercial season. I believe I read that’s $60 million a year :frowning:

$6.99 / lb live at Mountain View Ranch

I’m heading to the harbor on Saturday to get a live one . No pre cooked ones for me . The boats were finally authorized to go out last Saturday . It’s about time . What a bunch of shit .

So do you not believe that the “toxic algae” was for real?

BTW, I saw shelled DC at WF in Reno for $40/#!!!

It was for real . The point being . No one has ever died from the crab . It was around last year also . And the crab have been clean since December . It’s slow bureaucratic bull shit . And who suffers the fishermen . Not the fat fucks who decide this and that . And we are paying for this shit .:rage:

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