Drew's Bayshore Bistro..............Keyport, NJ

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Yes if you are from the Monmouth County area you are doing yourself a disservice by not going to check him out. His food is truly unique and very, very good. My only warning as I have learned many of his “signature” dishes are heavy ones, as noted in this thread, I can’t take eating here in the summer. I just leave to full to hit a humid August night air. lol Sorry I’m a glutton for good food, I cannot eat “light” when I come here.


Don’t go…you will be poorer and fatter in no time lol.

You will want to go back all the time.

While all those things are true, his food is outstanding, fairly priced, and I can guarantee you will love it. I have never taken someone there that wasn’t impressed with the food

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I am both poorer and fatter.

I tend to agree with @NotJrvedivici about Drew’s being a meal that I need to prepare for. Last time we went, I fell asleep while people were saying goodbye. When I was younger I never minded being put in a food coma, in fact it was my very favorite kind of coma. Now though, by the time I get through with my shrimp, even if I don’t finish all the cornbread, I am done


Was here 2 weekends ago. Food was great! I enjoyed the Nashville hot chicken, other guests had crawfish cakes, pork of the day which was a perfect sized chop. I always leave wondering why I don’t come here more often. BTW service was as indicated in previous appraisals. Just slightly lacking in attentiveness. But overall general experience worth the 25 min drive for my family.


Poorer, fatter but happier :wink:

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Drew had an excellent appetizer of mussels casino with sautéed pei mussels, Benton’s bacon, peppers, onions, garlic, white wine, lemon butter, and grilled focaccia, which was great for slopping up the the awesome sauce😋

We also had the irresistible crawfish cakes.
For entrees Mrs. P had jumbo sautéed soft shell crabs with smashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and she substituted the same sauce we had with he mussels instead of the heavier brown garlic caper butter sauce.

I had the spicy jambalaya with Andouille sausage, tasso ham, creole shrimp, chicken, and trinity vegetables. I haven’t had it in a while. There was enough to feed an army. I have plenty of leftovers.

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Drew had some excellent specials tonight.
We had some excellent crispy Southern fried chicken skins with jalapeño coleslaw, and a Carolina mustard BBQ sauce that went perfectly with the skins.

Chef Mark comped us with an excellent special of fresh Hauser Hill Farm strawberry bruschetta with house made lemon-ricotta on crispy country bread, balsamic reduction, and garlic scapes. I didn’t realize that strawberries were in season. These were perfectly ripe.

For entrees we both had the awesome crispy panko fried jumbo soft shell crabs, with a terrific corn ragout, applewood bacon, peppers, onions, and a lemon thyme aioli. I love the fried version better than the sautéed version.


Eli is winning! Good job buddy!

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Thanks cj. I don’t know about that. Your faux dry aged steak in the making is looking pretty good.

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I saw this and for a second I thought…


But no, not that Eli. No winning there. Nope. None.

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The fried green tomatoes are back (with a nice remoulade sauce)!

We also had the excellent crispy Southern Fried chicken skins with jalapeno cole slaw, & Caroline mustard BBQ sauce. They were humongous & crispy like potato chips.

For an entree, I had the awesome cavatelli giambotta with a summer vegetable stew of peppers, onions, carrots,tomato, eggplant, summer squashes, string beans, garlic, EVOO, housemade ricotta, & black pepper parmesan.

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Stunning. I really have to get there for a review…

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Yes Greg, you really need to try Drew’s.


The problem with drews is that once you go, you start to realize how bad most other restaurants are.


First thing I thought when I tried Modines’ fried chicken…“so much better at Drew’s!!”

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We had another outstanding dinner at Drew’s Sunday night. Unfortunately this will be our last Sunday night dinner at Drew’s until next Spring. Starting in October Drew will be closing on Sunday’s until next Spring. Since we can’t bear not eating at Drew’s for 6 months, we changed our monthly reservations to the 4th Saturday of each month.
Besides our usual dishes, we had excellent Spicy Cajun crawfish.
We also had candied bacon ribs with jalapeno slaw.
Drew also gave us some very spicy peppers garlic cloves and oil. I think there were some ghost peppers, chili, habanero, and jalapeno.
I had an incredible seafood bolognese with chopped calamari, pepperoni, crabmeat, crawfish, tomato, cream, fresh cavatelli, and black pepper Parmesan.


Nice spread!


Ps, if you ate a ghost pepper you would know it!

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Yeah, I’m not sure if there were any ghost peppers in there, but they were very spicy. I had to remove the seeds, and they were still pretty hot.


I would not recommend trying a ghost pepper. A real one will literally put you in a world of pain and panic. A drop of sauce in a bowl of chili will light you up!