Drew's Bayshore Bistro..............Keyport, NJ

Well, here’s the thing. I was running late for a 5:30 reservation for 6 people. At 5:45pm I was still 10mins away, (by no fault of my own) so, I called Mrs. CB70, and told her to order for me…char-broiled oysters and whatever the pork special of the day is. She said, “there is pineapple and sweet potatoes with that pork shank special”. I said, “If Drew thinks his pork of the day should include durian, let alone pineapple, I’m eating it.”. So she ordered for me…never heard the pitch, but enjoyed every bite.


Durian! Lol.

Glad you enjoyed!

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We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at Drew’s. Besides the always awesome Nashville chicken and an excellent New England style lobster chowder (not pictured), we enjoyed grilled octopus with potato salad muffuletta; voodoo shrimp; broiled oysters; and Iberico pork shoulder. We took home some excellent carrot cake bread pudding for dessert. It all went great with an excellent Shiraz.


Have a lovely weekend.

Looks amazing …


Thank you @Barca!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend as well.


We enjoyed another fabulous dinner at Drew’s. I enjoyed one of my favorite dishes; Cajun seafood stuffed eggplant boat with crawfish, crab meat, and shrimp. We also enjoyed spicy Cajun shrimp, an excellent crispy crab cake, Cajun empanada, and the always awesome broiled oysters, and Nashville hot chicken (not pictured). It all went great with an excellent cabernet.


We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at Drew’s. Just an FYI, they are mask optional now (as are most restaurants in NJ). I wasn’t worried since we are fully vaccinated. We also had a seat in the corner by the window, more than six feet away from the next table. It was nice to see everyone’s full faces again, and real smiles that aren’t hidden by masks.
We enjoyed an excellent fresh strawberry bruschetta with fresh ricotta, as well as awesome Rhode Island stuffies, and a New England style lobster and clam chowder, and spicy garlic shrimp. For entrees I enjoyed the always excellent blackened pork chop, and Mrs. P enjoyed her usual Nashville hot chicken (not pictured). It all went great with an excellent Gigondas.
These were the first pictures taken with my new iPhone 12 Pro. I had been using my iPad Pro the last few years. I like the bigger screen on my iPad, but it is a lot heavier to carry around, and I have to admit that the iPhone takes even clearer pictures.


As always your pictures are fabulous but I m quite sure that is because of the talent of the photographer than that of the camera source.


Thanks for the kind words :blush:

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I was there last night too, but I didn’t see those garlic shrimp on the menu.

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I’m sorry we missed you. We got there early at 5, and sat at our usual table by the window. Drew was kind enough to make the garlic shrimp for us. They were awesome, and the bread soaks up that garlicky sauce.

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edited we got there right before 5 as well. Tell Drew to put those shrimp on the menu I’ve never had them.


Wonderful pics as always. That strawberry dish looks incredible. Nice to see drew not resting in his laurels

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Thanks Mr. Met! Yes, the strawberries were really fresh and went great with the creamy ricotta and crispy bread.

He probably doesn’t have them on the menu because they are very spicy, and the majority of the customers don’t like spicy food. He also makes a dynamite version with crawfish that are even spicier. I guess you can try asking the server to ask Drew if he would make you the spicy garlic shrimp that he makes for Eli.

What did you have to eat?

Fantastic absolutely.

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Thank you! Your lunch looked exquisite.

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Yeah yeah yeah we all know how good Drew’s is, don’t think that distracts from the always beautiful Mrs P’s creations! Oh by the way have I mentioned how beautiful she looks tonight?

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Thank you. It was very lovely and the chocolate dessert was to die for !

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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oh too bad they never have them on the menu. We do like spicy.

For apps our table had the pulled pork mac and cheese, stuffies, oysters, and pork belly. The scallion pancake/pickles and other items were missed with the new cole slaw side that comes with the pork :frowning:

For dinner some got the chicken fried steak option (all enjoyed very much) and voodoo shrimp dinner. Everything was great as usual. Seemed like the dining room filled up early and really quickly as compared to the usual staggered seating of customers at opening.

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