Donuts in the GTA [Toronto]

We don’t appear to have a thread devoted to donuts, so I thought I would start one.

We like donuts of all kinds. We like cake donuts, yeast donuts, filled donuts, and various donut-adjacent pastries: malasadas, beignets, paczkis, crullers, bomboloni, etc.

We are still mourning the loss of Von Donuts, our previous nearby go-to. However The Donuterie has since become our local favourite. A recent trip yielded two yeast-raised treats: rhubarb and vanilla custard [left] and baklava [right] with pistachios, honey, and flakes of phyllo.

A bit further afield, we have enjoyed selections from Glory Hole, including the s’mores and the passion fruit coconut. We like the flavours at Dipped, particularly the Earl Grey crème brûlée, although the dough can be a little heavier.

For restaurant donuts, we always finish with donuts at White Lily Diner (simple and classic) and Hastings Snack Bar (hefty and hearty).

And then for something a bit different, we are big fans of Isabella’s mochi donuts, particularly the matcha, Vietnamese coffee, and milktea versions.

COPS remains on our to-try list.

Which donut places do you recommend?


Agree with your assessments.

Dipped also takes part in Too Good to Go app. I like my donuts really fresh so I haven’t brought them through Too Good to Go.

Emma’s Country Kitchen features donuts each day. They’re quite good

Some Portugese bakeries have nice malasadas. I have not ordered any recently.

The glazed rosehip and glazed plum paçzki at Benna’s are delicious.

The Rolling Pin donuts are good, similar to Glory Hole.

There is a new place in town , I’ll grab the link.

Better Days, Wed to Sun only .

My friend’s Better Days donuts on IG

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Glory Hole and Rolling Pin are the only ones that I’ve tried, but at $6 a donut and late opening hours I won’t be rushing back to either. If I’m in DT Chinatown, Krispy Kreme always scratches my D-nut itch.


Still haven’t gotten to Emma’s Country Kitchen. The donuts would be an extra reason to visit.

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I haven’t been to Krispy Kreme in awhile. I remember lining up in NYC for my first taste - a banana-flavoured one if I remember correctly.

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The Spadina location has tables and the donuts are fresh, the coffee is decent and it’s just up the street from Rol San and Swatow so win win :smiley: I just get the OG glazed d-nuts and I can def knock back a few. Cheep and cheerful :slight_smile: I used to love Coffee Time donuts, but they’re very few around these days. Saw one on Eglinton west, but it’s a bit of a schlep from my place, maybe when I put the car on the road again.


There is also a location on Harbord near Bathurst.


Better Days on Dovercourt Road only had Cherry Stick donuts available when I stopped by around 3 pm. Luckily, I love Cherry Sticks!

This donut was $3 before tax. Much lighter texture and less sweet, with less glaze, than the last Country Style Cherry Stick which I bought in the summer of 2022.

This donut still has that boxed cake taste that I associate with Cherry Sticks, which I like.

It is the lightest cake donut I’ve tried.


Up and out the door at 7am to grab some dnuts from Coffee Time, cause that’s what us retired geezers do on a crisp, sunny Sunday morning. I’m a long time fan of CT and used to visit the one next to Burger Shack until it was taken over by crappy Pizza Hut. Grabbed a couple of chocolate dips and apple fritters + a large coffee, all for just over $10. Best donuts in town? Nope, but a great bargain and they were really tasty. One of the last remaining CT’s in the city I believe, will return.


Botham’s in the Junction today.

My friend tried the Maple and didn’t find it had enough maple flavour.

I held off while at Botham’s.

I was jonesing for a donut tonight. I walked over the Fourth Man in the Fire to get a donut from Harry and Heels around 8:45 pm. All that were left were pink sprinkle donuts. Great raised donut. Quite substantial. $3.99 before tax, $4.51 including tax, but this raised donut is big one. Their raised donut is about twice as big/hefty as a Tim Hortons raised donut. Around the same size as Dipped Donuts donuts.

My friend likes White Lily Diner’s rhubarb fritter today. I did not try it.