Do you still post on Chowhound?

If there is something to post or respond to I will.


I’m not allowed to .

LOL. Me neither. But I got the heave-ho over the PREVIOUS ‘new and improved’ rollout.

I pop over from time to time to read, but the only post I’ve made since I found HO was to alert the hounds to this site.


No, I don’t. Ever since I was suspended in mid-September 2015 for calling them out on the incredibly bad redesign, I haven’t posted. I did get reinstated, but have only liked a few posts here and there.

And I still despise that fucking blue beating heart that takes forever to “take” before you can move on to something else.


I still post on both sites -usually an identical post. Mainly to compare response speed, quality, and volume. I like HO a lot but as with CH, the volume isn’t like “the old days”, so I’m always curious how they compare.

That’s exactly me.

I still reply to some threads, but I’m done posting any new ones there.

If a few others would go Cold Turkey, so would I…

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Too bad you’re suspension was a BFLd (banned for life). Made it a lot easier for me. lol.

I still post to CH. It’s perfectly serviceable, if not a little annoying technically. There are still many regulars sharing their food knowledge on the boards. I can’t let a tech revamp by a corporate giant keep me away from my CH mate’s wisdom.

That said, I’ve cheated on the Hound over the years, with reddit, seriouseats, etc., and the HO is my latest secret lover. I read here regularly and it’s so nice to ‘hear’ the familiar voices that I miss so much from CH.

My hope for HO is that it doesn’t go the way of mouthfuls, with years of bitter snarking about CH posts and posters. Save that shit for fb.


I totally agree about the snarking aka dwelling. Get over it :slight_smile:


I look at recent activity on threads I have participated in. Unfortunately there is a little more traffic on Ch for my local area. I lurk on some of the monthly cooking threads. About the only threads I have started have been related to COTM since I’ve been helping with that this past year. I no longer want to create content for the site after the way they treated people during the debacle.

I like it here more.

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I haven’t posted on Chowhound in probably 13 years.

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At that time the topics became irrelevant and boring to me. Now I don’t remember my old log-in so don’t go there anymore.

You’d be surprised about how little mention CH gets in our WFD group on Fb :smiley:


No, I don’t post there anymore. I barely have enough energy to read the posts here. If I have extra energy, then I would read something completely different than HungryOnion.

Now, I am sure some people would like to follow 2-3 food related websites.

You know… I’ve seen this ‘heart’ referenced before but haven’t got the slightest idea what it’s referring to. When new replies load I see three blue does that blink in line during the loading… never have seen a blinking heart.

My pet peeve used to be that the new site wasn’t working on iOS 7 and I had a really annoying keystroke lag on my iPhone. They kept telling me it was because that iOS was no longer supported by Apple. Over the past month or so that delay seems to have disappeared. Maybe they decided to keep working on support for OSes that got left behind.

I post there occasionally when something I find is interesting enough. My overall impression is that the site now gets new posts about cities not of any interest to me. Seems like all the Californians are here and on FTC. I used to get involved in a lot of discussions in the General and Not About Food areas, but find VERY little there lately.

Hey Glo - bring your buds over here. That’s what I did!!


Well, that’s a very disturbing photo, but whatever floats your boat.

A member of this HO group stated that s/he still posts on CH and suggested that most of us here do

I wonder why someone in HO suggested this? They dug their own grave, let them rot in it.