dish of the month (cooking)

I would understand a specific item such as beef neck . I not getting the technique part .??? I would think braising , soup , or other . Set me straight .

According to the original guidelines DOTM has a specific ingredient and a specific technique. For example: stuffed vegetables, devilled eggs, meatloaf, poultry soup, vegetable terrines.

Beef neck might not be easy for everyone to get but braised beef or beef soups would be great suggestions. Seeing everyone’s different interpretations is the cool part.

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I would be interested in DOTM as I am trying to cook more dishes from scratch and broaden my repertoire.

My job is high stress , I have a two year old and sometimes my husband doesn’t get home from worksites until later. I got in a rut of package rice/ noodles , grilled meats and some kind steamed vegetables with salad- still cooking but not very creative for someone who enjoys cooking.

Since Christmas I started to ramp things up. I made Cantonese food for New Years and I’m just trying to keep the motivation up.

I’m not interested in the cookbooks. I would probably end up with too many cookbooks that I wouldn’t use. I have more fun getting recipes on line.

Actually I don’t know the CH rules for COTM, never been there. If we need to buy a new cookbook to participate, it’s not very interesting. If the cookbook has a few online recipes, or a collection of recipes from a certain chef… then, it’s more interesting.

How about CHEF OF THE MONTH, we vote for a chef and try his online recipes.

As for DOTM, if it’s just stew, soufflé, I don’t see much challenge. It needs to be out of the comfort zone while it’s still in the capacity and the interest of everybody to do it.

I would be interested. I’m not into buying cookbooks, as there are so many recipes and YouTube videos available free online.

I would participate. I like any excuse that gets me out of my cooking comfort zone.

No matter what the dish, or cookbook, of the month is, it’ll be outside some folks’ comfort zone and inside others’. The public library, or the reading area of the nearest bookstore, are free resources for cookbook perusal. Sometimes websites/blogs are appropriate recipe sources but they ARE more likely to have errors and be sloppily/confusingly written than the contents of a printed cookbook.

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Believe me, I saw as many errors in cookbooks as online websites recipes. Proof reading as profession is dead years ago.

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Seems like all this is going nowhere . Ok . I’ll start .
I’m still in the dark about Pierogi
Would like to make soup dumplings
Pot stickers .
Or vote for another dish .
Let’s make something and share are faults and recipes .

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Or how about Regional Cuisine of the month? Anyone interested in that?

It seems like we don’t have broad interest in cotm, because of the commitment, hassle to acquire books, etc. dotm seems ok though it’s one dish for a whole month. how about we pick a regional cuisine, and learn about that cuisine and specialties during the month? One can pick any dishes from that cuisine that interest them. This is something that hasn’t been done at Chowhound either. E.g. Catalan, Lebanese, Issan, Cajun, etc etc.

Any interest? Or people prefer Dotm?

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I’m in . I’ll vote
Regional Cuisine ; Eastern European
I’ll tackle PIEROGI
2nd vote
Regional Cuisine ; Sicily

I like regional cooking, actually on my own, I sometimes delicate 1 week for a certain cuisine. Regional cooking always has specify ingredients and most of them time repeatedly used. Just cooking 1 meal isn’t very practical and many of the ingredients or spice are very specific, difficult to reuse that in another cooking.

I will suggest cuisine of the month a bi-monthly event.

  • need time to think and gather ingredients (most ethic shops isn’t just around the corner of the street)

What do you think?

I like this idea a lot! A great way to compare/contrast different chefs’ versions of the same dish, to learn about cookbooks we may have been eyeing without having to purchase them, to get turned onto websites/blogs/online recipes we might not know about…I think it’s a fabulous idea!

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I like that idea, especially Issan (Thai) & Lebanese, but others too.

I was under the impression that it wasn’t about a “challenge” but rather different ways to “skin a cat.” Learning new ways.

I’m a naysayer on “Regional Cuisine of the Month” because it promotes eating non-local, imported food, and also perpetuates what I think is a myth, that if you cook a Hungarian dish is Seattle or Arizona, there is no difference in the taste.

I’m not going to trash such a thread if it gets going, but I would suggest “Seasonal Dish of the Month” so that people are using the bounty of the season and available foods.

I realize that not everyone lives in the same climate zone, but I still think focusing on an ingredient widely available in February is more intriguing.

Ok . I vote for PORK and TURNIPS. It’s January and are available to me .

I was thinking of pork, although I actually would have picked it for November. I was also thinking of suggesting walnuts.

I get the feeling you were trying to be dismissive of the whole idea, but I’ll play it with a straight face anyway and respond that I suspect too many posters here do not live in a zone where turnips are available. I happen to love them, but I can’t find them where I shop.

I like the idea . I just want to make something . Walnuts are great .

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold