Dinner in St. Catherines

Any favourites? Not fine dining, ideally bistro(ish) vibe but we would be content with any solid Asian restaurants. Thanks in advance.

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For diner food, I like The Diner House 29. TorontoJo introduced me and several other former Chowhounds to it around the time she moved to Niagara. https://www.dinerhouse29.com/index.html

If you don’t already follow Jo on IG, she posts a fair number of meals from restaurants in St Catharines, including some Asian restaurants that have opened recently.


We recently ate at Bolete, which is kinda bistro-ish. It was very good, with some nice flavours and presentations. You can read more details about it in this thread. Scroll down past the Le Pre meal to find it.

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Thanks but looks like they are not open for Dinner.

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Darn. Not open for Sunday Dinner. Looks like a great option, thanks.