Din Tai Fung, Valley Fair

Open date according to their Yelp listing- March 20, 2016.

They are hiring now on Singtao:

'[0001606120] 鼎泰豐

鼎泰豐是世界知名小籠包專賣餐廳 將於Westfield Valley Fair Mall開幕 我們誠徵以下職位: 點心師傅、點心學徒,無經驗可 起薪$12 /小時。 請致電…

This location will serve alcohol- they are hiring bartenders.

Still hiring…at least the open positions now do not include the kitchen staff…


I can hear Jerry Seinfeld asking, “How much do you tip a boba barista, anyway?”

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Valley Fair management: they are hoping to open mid-May. The store is receiving equipment and seating and is still working on the opening.

They are finally open. $8 for 6 XLB is the price.


12 years ago in Tokyo they were about $6 a piece.

It’s officially open (in case you haven’t heard). Be prepared to brave the crowd and 2-5 hours of wait. Or wait for 2-3 years for the lines to die down.

Now let’s start the next topic: Where will the second branch be located?

For lunch on a weekday???

That line is just absurd. Can’t they give out numbers or let people put their names on a wait list?

uh, i think that was the line to get on the wait list !

So if one wants to eat there, he/she has to line up before the place opens to get in line for the wait list. I guess that’s slightly more orderly than the 15 minutes before opening at Koi- as soon as someone makes the first move, everyone suddenly get out of their parked vehicles in the parking lot and make a mad dash to the front door…

from what i read, if you lined up at around 10, you got in the first seating. but sometime later, you woere basically queued up to get on the list.

Hmmm upwards of 5 hours. Could just drive to LA/SGV and eat at the DTF in Glendale or Arcadia…

Or wait a few months.

I assume you can read Chinese. Price is a lot higher than Southern California as well. $8 for 6 pieces. I guess this is Silicon valley price. :slight_smile:

I still don’t get why it takes 1.5 hours to get on the wait list. Isn’t it just writing down a name, or get a number?

Interesting the family spokesman said that bamboo steamer can hold moisture better- xlb and other steamed dishes come out more moist and fresh. That begs the question. Why aren’t they doing in SoCal then?

I just checked my photos and the ones from their Seattle place were in bamboo steamer.

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