Dessert to pair with stouts and porters

Thanks! Saving.

How about a bread pudding…maybe oyster bread pudding. I’d prefer a whisky with it but stout and whisky is acceptable. What time are we to arrive?

Edit: I just noticed the timestamps….I’m dreadfully late as usual. :pensive:

I’ve never heard of this, but it doesn’t sound very dessert-like. Is it sweetened?

Oyster bread pudding is more savory but sounds good with a stout. Otherwise yes regular bread pudding can be most decadent with a sauce.

Honestly, I can be like Moses descending Mt Sinai and declare anything a dessert by edict.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say thou shalt not eat oysters with sugar. But if cheese is dessert, I don’t see why shellfish can’t be.

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It isn’t.

Although these days, it’ll appear on the dessert section of a menu in some countries, as an alternative to dessert. Traditionally, it’s a separate course - served before or after dessert, depending where you are.

By the by, in this house, it’s always before dessert, as it would be in France.


I have cheese about an hour after dinner when I eat at home, so for me, it counts as dessert. It’s very rare that I eat cake or pie or ice cream or what have you.

I’ll carve that in as number 11 although some oyster dishes contain brown sugar and syrups.

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No disrespect to anyone who likes that sort of thing, but I have (as far as I know) never encountered such a thing, which is fine.

Nothing disrespectful whatsoever. :grinning:

How about chocolate pudding or some fruit dessert. These are perfectly matching, I assure you. I tasted it once being in Germany this year for the first time. Germany is not very well known for its cuisine, but I still tried at least. Because reading an article on about food service in Germany, I told my wife, “Let’s give a try, to this country”. The food was so, so but the beer was fantastic.

Beer isn’t on my list of dessert drinks but it’ll be an interesting topic to read.

Young’s Double Choclolate Stout Is **delicious! ** Use it in tiramisu, trifle, cake, ice cream or just drink it from the bottle.