Dessert spread for a crowd at a BBQ

Texas sheet cake is made and wow does it smell amazing. The procedure to make it was unusual. The batter tasted complex-- chocolatey but not too sweet, and roasty and pleasantly bitter from the cup of my husband’s fancy coffee in the batter. A condensed milk, PB and confectioners sugar frosting went on the hot cake and then peanuts sprinkled on top. Really looking forward to this one!

Costco had a variety of the ice cream classics so I went with those.


yes , Texas sheet cake is the strangest process I’ve come across…but no arguing how good the finished product is!

it’s also FAST…when I make shortcake for the local scout troop, it takes me only a couple of hours to make enough cake for 200 people. My oven has three shelves, so I set up three pans and three bowls and do it production style.

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Have to say I am disappointed that peach cobbler and chilled watermelon did not make the cut.

To my way of thinking, they are the perfect bbq desserts.

I could also see a Bisquick strawberry shortcake, but only in June.

You’ll be happy to know the pie is peach and cut up watermelon will be in the fruit salad. :wink: Our friends like contributing so I take help where help is given and try not to be too picky.

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Yes and it’s impressive looking. I’m really curious to try it. How do you usually serve it? Room temp? The recipe said room temp or from the fridge.

I just serve it like cake – at room temperature.

The white one is made for a local Sea Scout jamboree (think Boy Scouts with boats) - they use it as the base for the strawberry shortcake that they traditionally serve for dessert, so I don’t frost it.

The coordinator tells me that they get lots of compliments on the cake every year – the sour cream in the mix gives it a nice tang with the strawberries, and it’s got enough body to stand up to the berries and their juice – and it stays wonderfully moist even when not frosted.

I made it for a birthday party and frosted it with a blood orange buttercream (blood oranges were on sale that day) – not only was the icing a beautiful rosy pink, but I seriously wanted to just sit down and eat it with a spoon.

It played really well with the texture and flavor of the cake, and we devoured the whole thing – the host’s hubby had smoked a brisket, and the lightly-sweet with the citrus made it a great dessert. (I might have spilled a little Cointreau into the frosting with some dribbles across the bare cake before frosting!)

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Sounds amazing! I love cakes with sour cream or buttermilk (this one has buttermilk). I’d love your cake recipe. The white Texas sheet cakes I found online didn’t look great and we have a lot of chocolate lovers so I went with that. Great to hear I can serve it room temp–more room in the fridge for booze!

Fridge … where are the multiple coolers :wink:

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Just wanted to report back post-BBQ on how things went.

It was a little hot and humid here in NY but a sunny beautiful day otherwise. After a dinner of hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled buffalo wings, kielbasa, and every BBQ side you could think of, the kids started asking for dessert. Out came the ice cream bars, the Texas sheet cake, fruit salad, 7 layer bars, and peach pie. As a few people here predicted, the Costco-bought ice cream bars were a huge hit and probably the most popular thing (go figure). The peach pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds was spectacular, as are all of their pies, though I’d go for a homemade fruit bar for handheld ease next time. My sister’s 7 layer bars were a perfect combination of different flavors. The Texas sheet cake was enormous and only got half eaten but I froze the rest to have this weekend and I’m thinking it’ll be just as good as freshly made if not better. I loved how the frosting and the cake melded and was almost pudding-y at the top. This cake really couldn’t have been easier and it was perfect for a crowd. I meant to take a photo but got called away to an important cornhole game. :slight_smile:

Thanks again all!

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