DePasquale's At Night Caps Corner, Newton

DePasquale’s At Night Caps Corner (apparently the intersection of River St. & Lexington St. in Newton is Night Caps corner?) has been under construction for quite a while and by their facebook page looks to be in the finishing stages. This is a deli run by the same family as DePasquale’s Sausages in Nonantum. Their website, with what I assume is a sample menu, is here. (it makes it look they are open already, which they are definitely not.)

It looks like that is Newton (no idea where the border actually is) - waltham’s River St is north of the river (or at least that is my understanding from only living in the area a few months - way too many road names are duplicated around here, gets so confusing!) but the link to the menu says Newton.

Yeah, you’re right. That’s half a mile from my house, so I should know better.

Oh, thanks for the info. The menu looks solid. Homemade pasta is a plus, and obviously anything with sausage will be excellent. Prices are quite reasonable, too.

Is there a menu available anywhere online? The website still says “Coming soon”.

That’s interesting! I’ve always loved their sausages.