Current state of Mission Burritos

Beg to differ.

It all comes down to the guacamole.

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I’ll take sliced avocado every time or better scoop out half or two halves


All elements makes a difference in a burrito: tortilla, meat, type of beans, salsa, extras…and much is personal preference. True that if one element is off, it can detract. However when you get all of those as you like it and prepared well, then you get something special. I like Cancun’s al pastor for this reason; griddled tortilla, nice spice and enough fat for al pastor, good salsa, decent beans. Not a fan of crema since it cuts down on spice.

Really, it’s not much different than pizza; crust, sauce, cheese, toppings. Any of those things can make or break a slice but when it all comes together, well that’s why you get it.


Of course, everyone has a pet peeve that can kill a burrito or detract from the whole, like tortilla or salsa, but you still want all of it to work together.

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Yes! Always slices of avocado over guacamole in a burrito.

I lived in the mission in the late 2000s in a 7 bedroom house full of young 20 years-olds and there was probably 2 or 3 burritos consumed everyday in that house — and even more arguments and discussions about burritos. I’ll post more when I have some time but for now: the best SF burrito ever made was a super al pastor from El Castillito on Church Street across from Safeway (pinto, spicy, slices of avocado).

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