[Cupertino] Shanghai No. One 上海一号

First I ran into their sister restaurant Jiangnan Culture in Milpitas Square. I grabbed their menu and ordered takeout from Shanghai No. One a couple of weeks later.

I drove up to the restaurant and was dismayed to find that Shanghai No. One replaced Kumino China. I asked the hostess and was told that the ownership changed before COVID hit.

I ordered some standard Shanghainese dishes and was pleasantly surprised they were well cooked. Homey and yummy. Most of the times I was disappointed at Shanghai food in the Bay Area but they did well in all 3 dishes.

Yan Du Xian ( 腌笃鲜)

The soup with salted ham, bamboo, and fresh pork (and hence the name). Very delicious. Seasoned just right and not overly salty like its almost the case with everywhere else. Comes with fresh and delicious tofu skin knots. I will drink this soup any day. The seasoning in the salted ham is mostly in the soup already. I guess I could argue they should use better ham like jinhua ham but those are way more expensive than a $20 restaurant dish could use. I almost feel like getting me some iberico and attempt to recreate the soup at home since I see fresh bamboo at the market these days.

My lousy photo of the delicious soup:

Ham vegetable rice.

Also very solid. nicely seasoned. just all around delicious.

Shredded pork meat noodle with mustard greens.

Solid job.

Pleasant surprise for me. Recommended. I know I will be back.



Second meal from September:

Ma lan tou- wow. This was outstanding. Both my wife and I did a double take when we took our first bite. They obviously just made this and it showed. Highly recommended.

Braised salty water duck- also very nice. Nicely marinated. Would prefer they use a smaller duck since this looked like a fairly hefty local duck.

Steamed chicken noodle soup. I got takeout so you couldn’t see it. But this noodle soup theoretically come in its own small soup container that’s typically used in more delicate soup in China. It didn’t look like much but the soup was very good. All the chicken essence concentrated into the broth. The chicken itself was also tasty as well.

Shengjianbao- I think they did an okay job. Enjoyable, but they have more stellar offerings to pick from.

Brown sugar glutinous rice cake. My wife’s order. A bit rich and heavy for me in general, she liked it.

I was very impressed by our second meal, since decent Shanghai restaurants are rarer than rare around the Bay Area. And that prompted us to get takeout a week later again…


Third meal from September:

Braised sauced duck. Pretty nice. But preferred the salty water duck.

Xiao long bao (6): Never something that traveled very well, so the skin was a little dry by the time it got home. But its not the kitchen’s problem. I think eating it on premise would be a much better experience. Decent.

Steamed beef noodle soup: I wanted to try their soup pot noodle with a different meat so I tried their beef noodle soup. Came with a clear and relatively unseasoned beef broth. While it was nice with chunks of beef and offals, I preferred the chicken version.

Shanghai zongzi, made jiaxing style with plenty of fatty pork belly. Underseasoned I thought. I preferred Eng’s zongzi better.

Ma lan tou again

It was still good, but not great like last week. I thought that was because the ma lan tou probably was made perhaps a day ago.

Still a good meal, but the second meal had more highlights.