Culinary Bucket List

If you go to Maine or anywhere in NE, try the hot lobster roll, as well as the cold lobster roll!


I remember when many of us were so worried about you a few years ago, and we later found out you had been hanging out in Tenerife! Off the grid!

Agreed! We live in Massachusetts so I have been lucky to have both types.

P.S. We made lobster rolls this summer for an outdoor brunch. The friend I was cooking with asked if it was okay to use some of the bacon I’d prepped. He placed a strip of bacon at the bottom of each butter griddled bun, then the cooked lobster meat barely dressed in mayo on top. Delicious twist.


Good one! I am especially down for the fritto misto.

Are good fried clams and fried calamari available where you are? This summer we pretended to be in Italy by getting a takeout order of each and sipping Prosecco with the seafood on our home porch.


I’m mostly located halfway between Toronto and Detroit, and we don’t have great fried shellfish around here. Toronto has a couple very good upscale seafood restaurants that serve good fried calamari and fritto misto, but they don’t compare to the better fritto misto in Montreal (better access to fresh seafood), Halifax, Boston, NYC or Europe.

The fish and chips can be pretty good in Ontario, esp using local lake fish, or cod/halibut/haddock from elsewhere, but it’s still not the same experience as fish and chips in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland or the UK.

My recent Lake Erie Pickerel and fresh cut chips

Difficult to find fried clams in this part of Canada, even the breaded frozen ones are hard to find. I only know of one fish and chips place serving the breaded frozen clams, first time to see them in Ontario. I order fried clams whenever I see them in the States.

I haven’t been to the States since Nov 2019, when I visited Washington DC for 4 days. Glad I had a Crabcake Benny and some other things that are hard to find in Canada, when I was there. Tlayuda at Espita, BBQ at Hill Country BBQ, Southern hot fried oysters and fried green tomato salad at Succotash, fried chicken and a donut at Astro’s, late night Belgian food at St Arnold’s pub (temporarily closed), cocktail on the rooftop of the Watergate, brought home some pastries and bread from a Bakery)


It genuinely brought a tear to my eye when I found out folk who I will never meet (and probably never even know their real names) had that concern for me.

We were just leaving Tenerife in 2019 wen we read of the first case of Covid on the neighbouring island of La Gomera and, within days of coming home, there were folk being isolated in a hotel just down the road from where we had stayed. It’s not looking good in Europe again, with lockdowns in several countries. I’m not at all confident that our planned trip to the island early next year will be OK. We have fingers crossed of course that it will but I’m not confident - even though we are both double jabbed plus the booster jab.


And a bread roll for a British style"chip butty". Delish


Uh oh. We will zoom with our travel agent next Thursday about a UK+ trip we rescheduled from 2020.


Yes, be careful. My mom’s friend’s sister, who lives in Yorkshire, who had 3 shots, and is a cancer survivor, came down with a fairly bad case of Covid, which she probably caught from her vaccinated daughter or vaccinated granddaughter. She isn’t hospitalized, but she has been unwell for 2 weeks now. We aren’t out of the woods yet.


I was in Japan, in Jan 2020, when a Japanese bus driver and tour guide came down with Covid after taking 2 bus loads of tourists from Wuhan on bus tours. The contact would have occurred the week before I arrived, and the news came out my second week in Japan, when I was visiting Tokyo and Kyoto. The bus driver was from Nara Prefecture, which is 45 km of Kyoto. I would think the tourists from Wuhan would have also visited some of the famous temples in Kyoto.

I bought my first masks that week, to wear home on the plane. I am glad I visited Japan in January, because I had been considering visiting in mid March, and that trip would have most likely been cancelled, and a more dangerous and anxious trip if it had not been cancelled.

I had a trip to Playa Del Carmen, in the Yucatan, cancelled. It was for a family wedding. A family wedding that still hasn’t happened!


Two e-friends from a Tripadvisor forum have both caught it, in spite of double vaccination, in recent weeks. Fortunately, neither too seriously. Our infection/death rates seem to have stabilised but at a relatively high level. The scientists and medics have been urging a reintroduction of restrictions, like compulsory mask wearing, in England (the other three nations of the UK have generally not dispensed with them). I would not be recommending us as a tourist destination right now


Fun thread! For new places, my bucket list includes Korea, Italy (Venice or Florence, if I’m coming sightseeing too), Vietnam, Singapore and Shanghai (even for just a week long dumpling crawl).

Places I always want to go back to for old favorites or more new discoveries: Japan (I would never tire of eating here), Spain (more regional cooking and now time in Barcelona would be great), Vancouver (underrated food destination, IMO).


Tofino is on my wishlist.

By the way, did you the equivalent to Kick the Bucket in German, is Lick the Spoon?

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Close to home, New Orleans, a canceled trip due to covid. I’ve been to BC and Alberta, I would like to do Montreal.


I’m sorry that we never got to The Sportsman restaurant in Seasalter. As compensation, I recently picked up the cookbook which is about a third travel writing, a third Harris’ diary/thinking and a third recipes. Armchair travel at its best.
(FWIW, this expensive book is available used for a fraction of the list price. Like I paid $12.99 for an “as new” copy.)

You missed a real treat. We’ve been three times, although not for a few years (we used to tag on a stopover after trips to France & Belgium). I see Harris has simplified the tasting menu and it is now only five courses. And there are choices at each course - so it’s not an actual tasting menu, more just your ordinary fixed price menu (costs a very reasonable £65)


One of my wish was to take a trip in the remote part of Sweden and dine at Fäviken, but the restaurant was closed definitively in 2019 with the retirement of Magnus Nilsson.


I want to return to Sweden for those open faced shrimp sandwiches, and a coffee in Gamla Stan.

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Been to Stockholm in 2015 for a short trip, my favourite was the pickled herrings.

I like the sour cream herring the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo