Commercial crab season opens today .

Got 2.25 pounders at Alioto-Lazio for $5.50 lb. Cheaper than Princeton unless you just like a reason for a lovely drive.

We bought approx 10 crabs from pillar point at 1:30 pm on sunday for $6/lb. They threw in an extra crab for free. The crabs were a wee bit on the smaller side (1.5 - 1.75 lbs each).

Got them cooked and cleaned at the fish shop, which charges $4.5 / crab

There was another boat that just pulled in next to our boat that was also gettin ready to sell. The lines were quite long.

Yes, its cheaper to buy at the super market / other local seafood places. But supporting the local crab boats and paying a bit more is not a bad thing, IMO

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$7/lb at Whole Foods Los Altos. Buy 3 and get $1/lb off.

$6/lb at 99 Ranch Cupertino.

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Dungeness day two at Sotto Mare today… it was good but it’s no Sam’s! :slight_smile:

I’ll have to stop in at Sam’s one day . Every time I drive up the coast on 1 to the city it’s packed .

Oops , I didn’t mean Sam’s in HMB. I meant Sam’s Grill in the Financial District, which coincidentally happens to be my favorite dining room in the city. If I could afford to, I’d have a daily lunch table!


Dungeness day three: pretty good crab scramble at Plow this a.m.

$5.99/lb cooked @ Costco SF today, very few 2lb+ left at ~3pm

at whole foods haight st: $6.99/lb cooked, $1 off / lb if you buy 3 or more crabs

$6.99 cooked at Palace Market in Point Reyes Station

Is it my imagination, or is the crab not as sweet lately? (I thought it was great at the beginning of the season have had a few bad ones lately.)

Are you buying them live off the boat ? And cooking them yourself . I find the ones that are pre cooked in the stores to be over cooked and all the flavor washed out .

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I was wondering that too. I steamed some I bought from Sun Fat (live, $5.99/lb.) in the Mission, and thought they weren’t as good ones I’ve made in previous years. Texture wasn’t stringy thank goodness. It’s possible the recent batch of foul tasting water in SF was something to do with it.

Somewhat embarrassingly (for quick lunches), I’ve bought them cooked from Tokyo fish in Berkeley, who usually only do top quality stuff.

Sun fat is sold out today.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold