[Colombo, Sri Lanka] Sri Lankan dinner at Cafe on the 5th

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Cafe on the 5th is one of Colombo’s long-standing cafes offering a wide menu spanning Italian, American and Sri Lankan cuisines. Once renowned among local Colombo residents for its chocolate-coated eclairs, the cafe has now become a go-to place for locals to bring foreign guests/visitors to sample local fare in a quiet, pleasant environment in the middle of a rather busy city.

An old Sri Lankan friend brought us here as we’d wanted to have hoppers, and especially egg hoppers for dinner, and Cafe on the 5th is supposed to make some of the best ones in town.

The ones here were as good as we’d expected, served with seeni sambol/onion relish, the ultra-spicy katta sambol/chili paste, and a yellow lentil dhal curry/parippu.

I especially liked the egg hoppers, with the eggs cooked sunny side up.

Seeni sambol - a spicy-sweet caramelised onion relish that’s to-die for.

Katta sambol- this relish is the closest to Singaporean/Malaysian sambal chili paste (sans belacan).

Parippu - this is identical to the Tamilian paruppu which we’d serve with roti prata in Singapore/Malaysia.

We also ordered a chicken kottu roti which was the tastiest rendition we’d tasted so far.

Plain hoppers, called appam or appa in Sinhalese - spongey-moist in the centre, with crisp, lacy edges:

It was a very satisfying meal & pretty filling. We finished off with bowls of fruit salad with ice-cream at the end:

Cafe on the 5th
108 5th Lane, Colombo 3
Sri Lanka
Tel: +941124713261
Operating hours: 6am to 10.30pm daily


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