Colette Boulangerie [Medford, MA]

You probably went to the Belmont store—they do that with their ham and cheese croissants there—not sure about other types. I don’t think they do that in their original, larger Arlington store, where the Belmont store’s are baked.

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nope — it was the arlington shop

Last weekend, I decided to try Colette’s after hearing about it. I was pretty disappointed. I thought the croissants were very bready and not light and flaky. There was a tempting looking pastry that was described to me as being almond flavored. There wasn’t a card describing it in front of it like there was in front of most of the other pastries. I love almond things, so I got one. It was hazelnut and had whole hazelnuts scattered throughout the middle of it. I don’t like hazelnut. I also spotted what I thought were small baguettes in the back on a tray. There weren’t any out front, so I asked if they were baguettes and was told yes. I bought one. It turned out to be sourdough. I don’t like sourdough. Oh well….I won’t be back. I’ll stick to Quebrada.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold