Coffeegeeking: How Coffee roast degree affects sensory perceptions

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Cool! Does brewing water temperature affect flavor profile along a similar pattern?

Makes so much sense why I prefer lighter roasts now. Always felt like I picked up more nuances than darker roasts.



Hi Johanna
Yes it does! Along with grind size, & immersion time ( if you are brewing in an immersion method ), water temp variation will also affect extraction ,and thus resulting flavors.

Hotter water will tend to accentuate acidity. Trying to take a bit of the edge off a very acidic Kenyan, for example? Then try brewing down at closer to 190F than to 200F.
( can also combine this with grinding a bit less coarse ; this also encourages more body in the extraction, along with some bitterness to counter acidity)


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Oh that is fascinating. Thanks for sharing! A friend and I meet for coffee most weekends and we are totally geeking out over this post.





Thanks for sharing the article, BoneAppetite!

Pretty cool read. Over here in my area we also have a co-op similar to the one profiled the article, called Bay Area Co-Roasters. so if i ever out-grow my home-roasting setup, i know where i can go to feed my roasting bug :wink:



“Thanks” to you guys, I’ve been experimenting again with roasting my own decaf using my hot air popcorn machine. The beans are from Happy Mug Coffee. I’m getting better at it and it’s not the hassle I remember it being before.

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What did you mean by “old style”?



There is no thermostat control . Meaning you can get the temperature hot enough to roast without it shutting off

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