Coffeegeeking: How Coffee roast degree affects sensory perceptions

(Johanna Grosse) #21

Cool! Does brewing water temperature affect flavor profile along a similar pattern?

Makes so much sense why I prefer lighter roasts now. Always felt like I picked up more nuances than darker roasts.


Hi Johanna
Yes it does! Along with grind size, & immersion time ( if you are brewing in an immersion method ), water temp variation will also affect extraction ,and thus resulting flavors.

Hotter water will tend to accentuate acidity. Trying to take a bit of the edge off a very acidic Kenyan, for example? Then try brewing down at closer to 190F than to 200F.
( can also combine this with grinding a bit less coarse ; this also encourages more body in the extraction, along with some bitterness to counter acidity)

(Johanna Grosse) #23

Oh that is fascinating. Thanks for sharing! A friend and I meet for coffee most weekends and we are totally geeking out over this post.