Coffee: Cancer Warning in California


Anything with seaweed as an ingredient has to have a warning label:

Pure seaweed product, dried sea vegetables, nori sheets, roasted nori snacks, even furikake.

Stickers added to the product, signs hung on the shelf next to the product,

Even signs that you might want to reconsider entering the building since it contains items that have been shown to cause cancer.


Nowhere is safe! You can even get cancer at the happiest place on Earth!

Basically all areas, living spaces, outdoor areas, common areas in California causes cancer.

The only logical conclusion is that California causes cancer.


At the end of the day, maybe it’s interesting to know what doesn’t cause cancer.

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I started to cry at cancer. Sorry


I stopped worrying about what causes cancer due to worrying increase your risk of cancer and heart failure

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“Numerous studies have shown that coffee drinking is associated with a lower risk of dying from all causes of death”
I’m going with this. (from bogman’s link to Coffee and Cancer, American Cancer Society). Brew me another cup please.


Coffee, red wine, animal fats, complex carbs, grains, dairy (whole or low fat), whole eggs, red meat, pork, chicken is good/bad for you, I can’t keep up. Most of these opinions are agenda driven, IMHO. Next year coffee will be good for you again.


If I fall asleep after lunch at work in a meeting, I may not get cancer, but the short term consequence is pretty dire too.



Spiced coffee? Well, speaking of spice, I saw a warning sticker on turmeric, and noticed that the shade of color varied between brands, so it seems that indeed could be an indication of something else being mixed in there...

As turmeric and other spices are commonly sold by weight, the potential exists for powders of toxic, cheaper agents with a similar color to be added, such as lead oxide, giving turmeric an orange-red color instead of its native gold-yellow.

Financially motivated adulteration of spices is a long-standing and important public health problem worldwide…


Food Babe = bullshit.



And you realize this “story” is from 2014, right?


Food Babe = bullshit

The woman’s a freaking menace. And not that I disagree with the underlying sentiment, but I feel obliged to point out that natural (koff, koff) bullshit serves at least one very useful purpose, and compared to quite a few much more unpleasant odoriferous materials one may easily encounter in everyday life, it doesn’t stink to high heaven…:wink: