Clown Bar


Besides the historic circus decor, Clown Bar has become a favorite spot to stop for a few sharable plates or something larger. The starter section offers a range of small piates.

Husband started with the cod beignets with wowzer pepper sauce. (photo being recalcitrant)

I went for jumbo white asparagus with foie gras.

He chose the signature duck pithiviers

And i, the turbot. Very large portion, perfectly cooked. I managed…

All portions were large, very conducive to sharing, and the starter menu varied enough to create a lovely small plate meal. I’d probably go this way next time, seeing how large the plates are.

No room for dessert after this large, rich fare.
With 4 glasses of well curated wine, excellent service, a reasonable tab.

All in all, a superb place for a glass of wine and small plate or an entire meal.

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