Choosing, caring for, and refurbishing pruners

Well fool me, Amazon and Felco were the top two hits on a Google search. Felco has a list of replacement parts. [

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I was accepted to our local Master Gardener Program and my first assignment is an article on “Care and maintenance of gardening tools or new tools you’ve found useful in your garden”!

So excited!


Congratulations! What tools are you choosing?

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When given the list of topics I immediately thought of this thread! I sure would like permission to use some of your suggestions, and others as well. Not sure which tools I’d pick yet, but the one that was new to me on this thread was the Dremel!

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Anything I post here is free for anyone to use; it’s “un-copyrighted” ! Some of the things posted were learned from other people.

Each gardener will have, need different tools, depending on how they are growing, what they are growing and … um… age. As I got older, those kneeling stools, with handles to help you get up (and it flips to make a seat), became a staple. In my 20s, a kneeling pad was enough.

If you know the kind of gardeners your audience will be, it may help narrow the long list of potential tools. Even a given tool, like pruners, come in so many styles. While I need a big, 13 horsepower rototiller in much of my garden, it’s way too large for most folks. Garden rows which have been tilled with the big beast tiller, often just need a little rototiller, which might be more useful for most homeowners.

If you look in your tool shed, box, storage area, that should help. Container gardening, landscape gardening, in-ground/field growing all utilize different tools. It will be a challenging article for you, for anyone! Did the group give you a word count or number of pages? I mean, one could write a book on the subject! Gardening friends or people in the Master Gardener’s Program may have suggestions, based on what they are growing. You may have enough favorites of your own to more than fill the article.

I wonder if there’s a Dremel attachment which would help peel ginger! I was given a bag full of fresh, organic ginger, from Peru. The rhizomes were too small (finger thick) and knobby for the spoon method, so scraping, trimming with a “granny paring” knife was used, a tedious process! Maybe I should contact the Dremel company with a suggestion!


I’m hopelessly lazy and somewhat impatient so I couldn’t prune. I derive much pleasure visiting botanical gardens in the spring but I just don’t have the self control and discipline to care for the plants like that. But I wish I did.

I bought this for the fall and spring.


I think you’ll be amazed at the number of replacement parts available for Felco pruners on Amazon. I just replaced the blades on my Felco #2 and #6 shears, I also bought a bottle of Felco cleaner/oiler. Probably cost a little more than WD40, but not by much, and I cannot stand the smell of wd40, which never seems to go away.
I don’t know if Felco products actually rust, but they can get really filthy and fairly corroded.
Just be sure you’re ordering for the right model number and right-or-left handed.
The gear assembly on the anvil part is replaceable, too.
I think it’s worth the money to replace parts on Felcos, not sure about other brands.


my wife uses those to make extension cords shorter.


Minimum length: 300 words for articles. No minimum for announcements, original poetry, etc.
Maximum length: flexible, approximately 700 word

But check this out;

“We want our publication to be fresh and original. Please do not recycle any material that you plan to submit to another publication or has been previously published elsewhere.”

" Is my work considered previously published if I post it in a writing forum or Web board?

If the forum or Web board is private and intended for the purposes of encouraging feedback or community support, then most editors will consider the work unpublished. But just in case, you may want to take it down once you’ve received feedback so it doesn’t appear online.

If the forum in question is public (that is, if nonmembers can see what you’ve written), then your work will likely be considered previously published."

That looks doable and the 700 words kinda limits what are your most favorite tools.

As for “previously published”, I’m sure you can reword, restructure what goes where and add details, like what kind of Dremel attachment works for what you are doing, brands and such. That’ll keep it “fresh”. Here, it’s safe to say that feedback and community support are intrinsic. HO isn’t like a professional scientific organization, such as ResearchGate, where peer-reviewed papers appear online. We’re more friendly than that! LOL! Have fun!

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