Chinese New Year- trip and eats


You sure you can bring them back to the States?



No problemo.

Porcine and bovine products a big no no. Part of my work service was to ensure compliance with import statutes.

Hate having to go through secondary customs screening upon arrival SFO when I declare “food”, even if the food is merely confections or biscuits. I can’t risk a red flag on my travel profile.

The last few trips to Taiwan, we’ve come back with frozen fish. 1st time was a slight worry. Last few times, just merely a pain in the arse for extra customs X-ray screening.

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I vote the wife gets to pack all gourment goodies in her luggage to help protect your travel profile ;))
I can never do overseas travel with only a carryon because of my habit of grocery store and market visits wherever i go!



I’ve read this entire thread, here is my conclusion:
you married well!




My two FAVORITE comfort foods are Jook (congee) and Cheung Fun (rice noodle rolls). I could eat these every single morning. When in Hong Kong, we pretty much do.

There’s a tiny network of narrow alleyways in Sai Kung, away from the fishing boats and seafood emporiums. I first visited 15 years ago, and this area was as yet “undiscovered” by the tourist guides.

On my first visit, we passed a guy shrouded in a cloud of steam, fronting a five table, stool seating, quintessential hole-in-the-wall. He was sporting the Hong Kong chef’s outfit. Stained sweaty tank top rolled up passed his generous belly, cigarette (mostly ash) dangling precariously from his snarling lips. After a minute or so, we saw that he was making Cheung Fun. To order!! Did I mention I lOVE cheung fun??

That first time, I couldn’t screw up the courage to wade into that super local joint. The whole scene was intimidating to me, as a western outsider. I never took pictures of this Hole. I was almost afraid the guy outside would grab my camera if I dared darken his threshold for any reason other than to buy and slurp down his goods.

Every couple of yearrs since, I’ve longingly beelined pass this place, surreptitiously drooling at the sight of Fresh Made Fun. Yet unable to conquer my timidity and take the plunge. Always reluctantly walking away with no small amount of self loathing, until yesterday!

Yesterday was The Day. Walking to Seafood Row, we passed “my” (although I’ve not actually eaten there) cheung fun place. The chef this time was a pleasant young lady who kept up a constant stream of cheerful banter with the almost completely local crowd.

My wife suggested we at least do a take out, and cross this albatross off my bucket list. I happily agreed. We ordered from the chef, who was busier than heck, yet still the epitome of grace and hospitality under fire.

As we enjoyed the show and waited patiently for our order to hit the steamer, my eagle eyed wife saw that a couple was eyeing their check and about ready to vacate their piece of precious real estate. Didn’t take much persuasion before we were awkwardly (and self-consciously) positioned to pounce on their stools. Scored!!!

We happily traded in a fancy seafood feast for a Bucket List check off meal of favorite simple comfort food.

Cheung Fun wrapped Youtiao. These beautiful sticks of fried dough were streaming in from the back kitchen, fresh out of the fryer.

Cheung Fun with Beef, the other with Pig Liver. Freshly made no more than 5 feet from our seats. The stuff of future dreams.

Jook with Fish Belly, and one with Pork Intestines. No wimpy delicate slivers of fish here, this bowl was loaded with ginormous pieces of bone-in fish belly. Pork offal was velvety and porky. Both bowls excellent.


Sorry for the overly loquacious ramble. This was one food experience that I will remember and savor for all time.

And THAT’S why we trekked to Sai Kung, and didn’t gorge on seafood!!! :wink:


(Peter) #112

I love this!! Pig’s liver + freshly-steamed cheung fun = match made in Heaven.

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Broken images

@Google_Gourmet you’re having too much fun :triumph:

Strumming my pain with his fingers
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Killing me softly with his pictures
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Killing me softly with his pictures


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there’s a complicated history between Lin Heung Lau and Lin Heung Kui. They are run by different branches of the same family and there have been lawsuits between them in recent years.

AFAIK Lin Heung Lau isn’t facing closure, but they don’t own the space they occupy. The space was bought by private equity investors a couple of years ago, and there is speculation whether the owners would knock down the building for something more lucrative. No action so far, though.

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(Peter Chang) #115

I stand corrected. It now looks like Lin Heung Lau is closing soon. Since my friend tragically passed away late last year, I no longer have any insights to what happens in the family feud or any pressure they may face from their landlord…


(Peter) #116

Oh no. :scream:



Don’t forget that, the addresses, when you have time! Thanks a lot!



Thanks for the reminder. :wink:

Will pass the reminder to my eating partner. Most (all) the names are in Chinese. My Chinese reading is poor, as in none.

Fortunately I have photos to jog our memories.

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5 hours after landing at HKIAP.
We hit the ground, running (eating)!!!

  • City Chiu Chou Restaurant
  • Poon Choi

Address: East Ocean Centre
尖沙咀加連威老道98號東海商業中心1樓, TST East, Hong Kong

Next morning, a simple hop on the MTR from our hotel in Tsim Sha Shui to Sham Shui Po. SSP is where Hong Kongers go to buy their everyday electronic gear and accessories. As in every district in Hong Hong, smack dab full of eateries with cheap fantastically delicious food for the surrounding millions of picky eating high rise residents.

  • Hop Yik Tai – just found out it’s in the Michelin Guide!!?? High end, indeed!!
  • Congee and Rice Noodle Tubes

Address: Kweilin St, 121號號, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

  • Sun Hang Yuen
  • Beef and Egg Sandwich, Pig Trotter Noodle

Address: Yu Chau St, 186號地下, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

  • Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong – Soy Bean Products
  • Assorted Soy Bean and Bean Curd Products

Address: 118 Pei Ho St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

  • Favorite roastie place in Mong Kok
  • Siu Yook for me, 2 Roast Squab for the DW

Address: in Mongkok, lost the address.

  • King Fortune Banquet Hall
  • Family Banquet – Shatin Style

Address: #109, 1/F, Yue Chui Shopping Centre, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong

Well, that was the first 24 hours. :slight_smile:



Thanks so much to you and to missus! :yum:

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In Korea with my two young nieces. One of the 14 yo’s bucket is to try as many international McDonald’s regional specialties as possible. (She is an avid YouTube food video junkie, already).

Egg Bulgogi Burger tonight. Will surely mine the McD menu more thoroughly for more never in America items during our two week stay. :wink:



How was that? It is the first time I’ve seen this.



Like a mixed race love child of McRib meets Breakfast Jack. The Bulgogi sauce was not unlike a sweet BBQ sauce.

If I hadn’t been stuffing my pie hole all day, probably would have given it a generous 2~3 ***. :slight_smile:


(:@)) :@)) ) #124

Start your Korea thread so we can see what you are eating :chopsticks::fish_cake::sushi::rice::ramen::beers:

I had planned to visit Jeju island at christmas but an epic trip is happening in early Feb and had to postpone Korea this time. Rather not have 2 holidays too close to each other but where I’m going can only be done in Feb.



Shortly after posting this, walked by this joint.

Per @Presunto suggestion, will start a new Korea thread shortly. Kinda slow going pecking on my iPhone 7.



Started new Korea thread.


Please advise how I may add link here?