Chili Garden, Medford--green peppercorn dishes

fooddabbler, do you happen to know what kind of fish it was? I’m not a tilapia fan. I believe the fish fillet in spicy chili sauce is sole.

Wasn’t tilapia in this case, but seemed firmer than sole. Couldn’t exactly identify it.

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The Mala Project, a very interesting blog about cooking Sichuan in America, has a recipe and article about what I think is the same fish dish.


Well, one is fresh and the other dried… Were you expecting the sprigs of fresh green standard peppercorn that sometimes appear in Thai cooking?

This discussion reminds me that I’ve bought dried green Sichuan peppercorns somewhere in Boston. Since I was shopping with Andy Tannenbaum, this probably means a former C Mart in Chinatown. I never used them and I’m not sure where they’ve gotten to.

@KWagle, I was. Thinking about this, the manager could just have pointed to the peppercorns and said Sichuan Green Peppers.