Chickadee [Seaport, Boston, MA]


amazing, thanks for sharing.


Thanks CocoDan. I missed it too but was in Boston during the tail end of its run, would love to hear some first hand accounts.


One of my favorite memories of the first HJ’s was Alice Wilson who ran the bakery. Every single baked item was mad fresh on site; hot dog and hamburger rolls, all kinds of pies and cakes, breads and dinner rolls. Have never been to a restaurant that equaled it. Alice was the best. My Father was instrumental in introducing the 3D burger (today’s McD’s knockoff Big Mac), and the clam roll. Two of my very favorites were the chicken pot pie and open faced turkey sandwich. I worked the soda fountain when in high school and once got a $2.00 tip for making a great ice cream soda for a customer. A lot of money in 1960.
Enjoyed and had Fun,

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The stuff of food history! For my family way back in the day, HJ’s made the occasional sit-down restaurant meal a possibility. It was a splurge for my grandparents to treat us to a dinner out, but I have distant memories of that from when I was a tot.

A dinner out at a Howard Johnson’s was a rare, and appreciated day away from the kitchen for my grandmother. I’ll bet the same was true for many patrons. In its time, HJ helped to change the way American families ate.


HoJo’s was also the business that first started franchising. Johnson was a pretty amazing business man. The Quincy Historical Society recently had a program on the history of HJ. Quite good.